Count Drake

Count Drake holding his sword as he's fighting against a heroic werewolf known as Lycus.

Count Drake is an antagonistic vampire who is very evil, just like Count Vadronea, his partner. He is in fact Dylan in the alternate history world, where Count Vadronea had successfully defeated Dylan, Black, and Emma, turned them into vampires, as well as taking over the world.


Count Drake is depicted as a 6 feet tall human-like being wearing Gothic clothing consisting of a black top hat, a red cloak, a long black work coat with white tips, dark purple Gothic shirt with red lines on it, black gloves, a large brown belt with a silver buckle to keep his work coat up, long black pants, short white ankle socks, and brown loafers. He also has long black hair, blood-red eyes, pale skin, pointy elf-like ears, and snake-like fangs. He is immortal (so he lives forever) and is also currently 317 years old.


As Count Vadronea promised, Count Drake will likely be the rightful king of all vampires.

Where he lives in

In the alternate history world, Count Drake lives in Bran Castle in Transylvania, along with Emma (who is now a vampire in this world), Count Vadronea, and some other vampires. In this timeline, Transylvania is the world leader, not USA, as vampires had originated in Transylvania.


Since he is immortal, he never dies and since he's already dead due to Count Vadronea turning him from Dylan into a vampire named Count Drake, he couldn't be killed by wooden/silver stakes, crosses, etc. He is currently alive in his own alternate history world.


  • His inability to die is inspired by Van Helsing 2004's Count Dracula and his inability to die (in the most part).


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