Coulrophobia is a horror short film and is loosely inspired by the urban legend 'Clown Statue'.


A young teenaged girl named Sarah babysits a single mother's two children only to learn to trust a child's imagination when she had an encounter with


Ms. Parker:Katie! You'll spoil your-

Jake Parker:Mom, you'll be back soon, right?

Ms. Parker:Yes, i will baby, but Sara will take good care of you while i'm gone. I promise.

Ms. Parker:I'm afraid Katie's imagination has been acting up lately. She's been going on about this clown that has supposedly been. Jake's started to get in on the whole charade too. I don't understand it really, since he is terrified of clowns.

Katie:Sarah, the clown man is looking at you.

Sarah looked where Katie is pointing at, only to see nothing. Katie then started to laugh.

Katie:It's okay Katie, he's hiding now.


Sarah:Hey, the kids are in but is it okay if i could switch rooms? This clown statue from the corner of the room is really creeping me out.

Ms. Parker:A what?

Sarah:The clown statue in the corner of the room. I was wondering if it's alright if i could switch rooms.

Ms. Parker:Sarah...i don't have a clown statue.

Sarah looked over her sshoulder to look at the clown. She was so lost in thought that she couldn't hear Ms. Parker's voice on the phone.

Ms. Parker:Sarah, are you playing a joke on me? Because if you are, then it's not funny.

Sarah snapped out of her thoughts.

Sarah:Never mind. Sorry for the sudden call.

Have you checked on the children yet?

Abe Jackson is an escape mental patient dressed as a clown who would often sneak inside people's homes just to watch younger children as they slept. He is also known as a serial killer and child molester. The kids must've thought he was homeless and had then decided to keep him for themselves. I guess that explains why we haven't heard any activity about him in the past 3 weeks.

Sarah hit the lights and saw the clown standing next to her bed with a sadistic grin on its face and with a knife in its hand.


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