Corpse Party: Tortured Souls is psychological horror anime mini TV Series. It is based on the original Corpse Party video game series. The series consists of four episodes.


Group of Students was cleaning their room when one of them revealed that she will transfer another school due family problem and the class representative shows a human made of paper and they need to tear it to pieces and keep it until an earthquake hit them which causes them to fell, as they found themselves trapped on an old school named Heavenly Host Elementary School with Ghosts and Corpse. Can they escape the Heavenly Host Elementary School alive or they will die inside the Heavenly Host Elementary School.


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Multiple Separation


May 2nd, 2015


Broken Hinges


June 8th, 2015


Cold Blooded

July 15th, 2015


Tortured Souls

August 5th, 2015


Seiko Shinohara - After having a heated argument with Naomi, Seiko runs away. Feeling bad for snapping at her, Naomi searches for Seiko to apologise, suddenly she hears movement in the girls restroom, believing that it's Seiko she calls out her name, but receives now answer. Then she hears movement in one of the stalls and opens the door, only to find Seiko hanged, much to Naomi's horror. But apparently still alive, Seikos mutters her name, Naomi tries to save her and grabs a bucket to place under her feet, but was too late and Seiko suffocates to death.

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