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Corpse Party is a Horror Slasher Thriller 2018 Film and is the remake of the 2011 Japanese psp game on the same title.


A Group of Students was cleaning their room when one of them revealed that she will transfer another school due family problem and the class representative shows a human made of paper and they need to tear it to pieces and keep it until an earthquake hit them which causes them to fell, as they found themselves trapped on an old school named Heavenly Host Elementary School with Ghosts and Corpse. Can they escape the Heavenly Host Elementary School alive or they will die inside the Heavenly Host Elementary School.


  • Ryan Merriman as Jake Myers - The Main Protagonist of our story
  • Addy Miller as Carrie Myers - Jake's little and cute sister
  • Mary Elizabeth Winstead as Naomi Hooper - Jake's Tomboyish childhood friend
  • Emma Bell as Shelby Peters - Naomi's Cheerful Bestfriend
  • Nicholas D'Agosto as Shawn Spencer - An intimidating yet good natured student
  • Katie Cassidy as Karen Lloyd - The class representative who enjoys telling ghost storys
  • Courteney Cox as Mrs. Wendy Hannigan - The Class Teacher
  • Steven Yeun as Colin Shea - Ashley's Bestfriend, He has a secret crush to Ashley
  • Chelan Simmons as Ashley Faris - A Popular, Carefree student who will transfer school
  • Chris Evans as Jason Butler - A Student from other school looking for his sister
  • Crystal Lowe as Audrey Smith - A Student from other school who guides them and is the creator of the spell
  • Jennifer Holland as Molly Black - A Student who is also trapped and Audrey's friend


  • Audrey Smith - When She and Molly is about to escape she gets killed after an ghost smashed an hammer on her face which kills her.
  • Molly Black - She is nearly on the door and when she open it an ghost Impales her in eyes with hammer then removes her both eyes and smashed her face with it

Shelby Peters - After remembering her Missing Mother, she hears voice from girl's bathroom calling her. When she came an ghost grabs her. As she screams Naomi came on the bathroom finding her being hung by neck as Naomi cry Shelby was still alive and calls Naomi as Naomi tries to remove the rope on her neck it became tightly and Naomi goes outside to search some items to save Shelby and spots a bucket with blood, worms, and human parts as Naomi says it was disgusting she returns to the bathroom finding Shelby without breathe and was killed.

  • Mrs Wendy Hannigan - When Investigating a ghost follow her until she stands behind a selves full of knife it takes a chance to the ghost to push it and let Wendy to be crushsed as Wendy can move she just tell to the ghost to not kill her students and save them and the ghost became angry and he stepped on the selves and later Wendy's corpse was found by Jake and Naomi.
  • Ashley Faris - After she fell she goes to a room meeting two child ghosts and reads a news about the kids murdered and kidnapped as she comforts them Shawn and Karen find her and tells Ashley to go with them as Ashley do not want to go and wants to comfort those child ghost Shawn and Karen leave and meet Audrey and Audrey give a doll to Shawn and Karen and goes to the room and because of the doll the ghosts became angry as they capture Ashley and dragged her at a high speed splattering her entire body at the end of the hall.
  • Molly Black - Molly finds a corpse (Ashley's Corpse) and finds out that a ghost is following her and the ghost strangles her until her last breath and throws her body to a room with corpses. Later an plank of woods fell on Molly's corpse decapitating her.
  • Colin Shea - A Ghost approach Colin and Colin run and hide as the ghost can find him it left. He remember Ashley and tells to himself what is happening to Ashley. As he looks on the picture of those corpse he take and looks at a corpse who was violently slammed on a wall (Ashley's Corpse) as he receives a call from the picture the voice who was revealed to be Ashley's Spirit tells him to stop looking at her and stop staring at her insides Colin was shocked and starts to laugh loud and slams himself to a wall to be with Ashley's Spirit and Colin's body splattered on a wall near Jake and Naomi as both find Colin's phone with his blood.
  • Jason Butler - When he caught Carrie they travel the whole school when they encounter the most powerful ghost and the ghost strangle Carrie and Jason stops The Ghost and punches the ghost as he do not hit the ghost and a hole was behind the ghost he fell and having his body to be impaled with woods and dies of blood loss.
  • Audrey Smith - Jake, Naomi, Carrie Shawn, Karen and her finally met and they must leave the Heavenly Host Elementary School until the powerful ghost grabs Audrey and stabs her until she was bleeding to death and the group leave the Heavenly Host Elementary School alive and safe.


  • Rated R - for disturbing violent content and terror
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