Genre Comedy
Created by Miranda Hart

Melissa McCarthy

Starring Miranda Hart

Melissa McCarthy

Julia Davis

Adrian Edmondson

Beattie Edmondson

Dawn French

Emma Roberts

Chloe Grace Moretz

Opening Theme
Location North London, England

Los Angeles, California

Country Of Origin UK


Number Of Episodes 10
Running Time 30 minutes
Original Channel: BBC One (UK)


Original Air Date November 9th 2016 - present (UK)

November 13th 2016 - present (USA)

Produced by Miranda Hart

Melissa McCarthy

Dawn French

Amy Gravitt (HBO)

Chris Sussman (BBC)

Directed by Various
Corporation is an Anglo-American Comedy television series that airs on BBC One in the UK and on HBO in the USA. It was created by Miranda Hart and Melissa McCarthy and premiered on November 9th 2016. The first season consisted of 10 episodes.

It revolves around Noreen (Miranda Hart) a nervous manager of a regional call centre in North London which is absorbed by an international corporation, the CEO of the corporation Kelly (Melissa McCarthy) decides to move her offices to the floor above Noreen's call centre and her struggle to deal with the constant pressures of her insecure, overbearing boss as well as the frequent mishaps of her employees, both old and new.



Miranda Hart as Noreen Evans, the witty but nervous manager of the Help4U call centre, which is absorbed by Hand in Jobs inc. in the first episode.

Melissa McCarthy as Kelly Quinn, the insecure and demanding CEO of Hand in Jobs inc., she moves her offices to the floor above her most recent acquisition of Help4U from Los Angeles.


Julia Davis as Doris Clasp, Help4U's assistant manager and Noreen's closest friend, she takes a surprising like to Kelly upon her arrival and they strike up a friendship that scares Noreen.

Adrian Edmondson as Christopher Morris, senior supervisor at Help4U, he feels he's above this job and everyone working there. He has applied for the manager job at every opening of the past 20 years and failed to even get an interview.

Beattie Edmondson as Lola Morris, Christopher's dimwitted and practically useless daughter who begins working at Help4U shortly after its acquisition. Kelly fearfully takes her under her wing.

Dawn French as Mrs Candy, the call centre's tea lady who struggles to adjust to the American's demand for "mocha-coffa-latte-frappucinochitos".

Emma Roberts as Francesca Horowitz, Kelly's hipster PA who believes she's been made manager of the call centre, to Noreen's confusion.

Chloe Grace Moretz as Kwinn Quinn, Kelly's daughter who relocates to London with her mother, she takes up a job in the call centre and befriends Lola.

Guest Starring

Zac Efron as Mark

Josh Widdecombe as Dean

Veronica Dunne as Lara


In late 2015, it was rumoured that Spy co-stars Miranda Hart and Melissa McCarthy were working together on a potential television show. A pilot script entitled 'Corporation' was picked up by HBO but they felt the setting would be more suited to the UK than the US, HBO then approached the BBC with the project who agreed to co-produce the series. The pilot script was then reworked and casting commenced.

The credited cast became predominately British with several Americans making guest appearances throughout the run. Julia Davis was the first to be cast a Miranda's request, she was swiftly followed by father and daughter Adrian and Beattie Edmondson. Dawn French soon followed. Melissa then returned to Los Angeles to cast the two female American leads, soon Emma Roberts and Chloe Grace Moretz were cast in the roles.

Production began in July 2016 and concluded in October. The Show premiered on the BBC on November 9th 2016 and premiered on HBO on November 13th 2016. The show received positive reviews, with Hart and McCarthy's dynamic and Beattie Edmondson's performance both being particularly called out as the show's highlights. The first season concluded on January 11th 2017 in the UK and on January 29th 2017 in the USA.

A second season and a Christmas special was ordered on February 14th 2017. The first season's cast is expected to return for the second season.


Season 1

Episode 1 - Incorporated

Noreen Evans is the manager of Help4U's North London branch in Watford, a call service that provides information for the people in need across the UK. She is left dumbfounded when she receives a letter from Head Office informing her that international corporation Hand in Jobs inc. has acquired the company and the CEO will be moving her offices to the floor above the Watford branch. Meanwhile, Christopher is insistent that the new job vacancy be filled by his daughter Lola, but Doris is skeptical at her ability and the idea of Americans worries Mrs Candy, thinking American coffee is a completely different substance. Elsewhere in Los Angeles, Kelly prepares for her move to England, but must first inform her PA and daughter that they're moving too, while also having the pressure to dump her long-term boyfriend Mark.

Episode 2 - Hello, CEO

Kelly, Kwinn and Francesca arrive in England with no one waiting for them at the airport. Noreen prepares her staff for the new CEO's arrival and when Kelly finally arrives, she sacks 2 people on the spot, much to Noreen's horror. Lola arrives for her first day and Doris is less than impressed when she learns that she's never used a phone with a cord before. Christopher and his American counterpart Anthony try and help Mrs Candy understand coffee syrups. Junior supervisor Dean attempts to flirt with Kelly's assistant's assistant Lara unsuccessfully.

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