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Spikes: We're in the book Coraline.
[[Category:Splash and Bubbles Super Why!]]
[[Category:Splash and Bubbles Super Why!]]

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Coraline is the third episode of Splash and Bubbles Super Why!.


Splash and Bubbles are both offered to come play in the deep by Lu. But they're both afraid to, so the Reeftown Rangers head into the book Coraline.


Bubbles: Hi. I'm so glad you're here. It's me, Bubbles. Welcome to Reeftown, where all of our saltwater friends live.

Suddenly, her underwater phone started ringing.

Bubbles: Lu invited Splash and I to come to the deep! Let's go!

She swims to above the drop where the deep water started, but she and Splash hesitated. They were too afraid.

Lu: What's wrong?

Splash: I'm too afraid.

Bubbles: So am I. This is a super big problem. And a super big problem needs us, the Reeftown Rangers.

She calls the rest of the Reeftown Rangers and heads to the Book Club.

Bubbles: Together, we will solve Splash and I's problem.

Ripple: Okay, Bubbles and Splash, state your problem.

Bubbles: We were invited by Lu to go to the Deep today.

Splash: But we're just too afraid.

Everybody: Oh no!

Ripple: Good question, Splash and Bubbles.

Bubbles: And when we have a question, we look...

All: In a book!

Splash: Which book should we look in?

Dunk swam up the shelf and pulled down the book Coraline.

Bubbles: Let's read the title of this book. Coraline. We know what we need to do. We need to jump into this book, and find the answer to my and Splash's question. It's time to transform. Ready?

All: Ready!

Bubbles: Fins in. Put your fin in.

Everybody puts their fins/tail in.

Bubbles: Reeftown Rangers...

All: ...To the rescue!

They then transformed into Spikes, Splashachu, Spectral, and Dragonet.

Dragonet: Why Flyers! We're ready to fly into this book!

The group gets into their Why Flyers and flies inside the book.


Spikes: We're in the book Coraline.