Cool Kat is an Irish-British-American slice-of-life comedy animated television series by Aidan Harte, the creator of Skunk Fu! and The Heroic Hawk. It is produced by Disney Television Animation and Cartoon Saloon and will premiere on Disney Zoog on July 16, 2019.


A teenage cat named Charlie Katnip hangs out with his best friends in Aeropolis. While he must get rid of a guy named Mr. Rude and his family.  



  • Charlie Katnip (voiced by Jake T. Austin) - a 16 years old red cat who is the coolest protagonist. He lives with his uncle, as his parents are revealed to be deceased.
  • Matias Mouse (voiced by Jack Griffo) - a 16 years old South American-descended grey mouse who is Charlie's best friend.
  • Lucy Pussycat (voiced by Debby Ryan) - a 15 years old cat who is Charlie's love interest.
  • Robert Duck (voiced by Ross Lynch) - a 16 years old duck who is the "groovy dude" of the group.
  • David Beagle (voiced by Jason Dolley) - a 15 years old beagle who is the youngest of the group.
  • Catford Katnip (voiced by Jerry Trainor) - an adult red cat who lives in a apartment. He is Charlie's crazy and navïe uncle. He is the main focus of the show's subplots.




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  • Cool Kat is inspired by teen sitcoms, mainly the ones produced by Disney and Nickelodeon.
  • The show have also a few elements similar to failed Cartoon Network pilot named A Kitty Bobo Show.
  • This is one of the Disney Zoog original shows to have exclusive characters, the others are Daxter and the Galactic Troop and The African Adventures of Khary.
  • Unlike the other original shows, the characters are voiced by teen sitcom and some celebrity actors, rather than animation voice actors.
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