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Connor 3 (upcoming film) Science Fiction Action film.


  • Boliche Mya as John Connor/T-3000 (villain); twin of John Connor.
  • Alberto Nuñez as James/T-3200
  • Rudy Swaby as John Connor
  • Matthew C. Ebanks as Kyle Reese (2009 timeline)
  • Oliverio Swaby as Kyle Reese (2031 timeline)
  • Lisaida Swaby as Sarah Connor
  • Tyson Tatum as T-801 (model Terminator) (main antagonist)
  • Lester Swaby Nixon as T-609 (model Terminator)
    • Matthias Mohammed as James/T-3200 (double body)
    • Solangel Cardenas as Sarah Connor (2031 timeline) (rumored)
  • Jose Swaby Nixon as Marcus Wright
  • Jesus Pino as John Connor (2009 timeline)
  • Lincoln Oliver as himself (singing)
  • Evelyn Swaby as Mabel (bartender lover) love interest of Kyle in 2009 timeline.
  • Maria Nixon as Rachel
  • Joseph Swaby as Alexander Wright/Skynet; half Brother of Marcus.
  • Colin Swaby as Jay Reese
  • Anthony Swaby as Bully#1