Compsognathus SciiFii
Compsognathus neolongipes (meaning "elegant", "refined" or "dainty" and jaw), also known as the hobgoblin, is a species of small, bipedal, mostly-carnivorous theropod dinosaur. Compsognathus neolongipes can grow to around the size of a large chicken or a medium-sized turkey, depending on a subspecies. The original species of Compsognathus, Compsognathus longipes lived about 150 million years ago, during the Tithonian age of the late Jurassic period, in what is now Europe, but thanks to genetic engineering by SciiFii, the close relative of that extinct species of Compsognathus was brought back from extinction, and was originally planned to be showcased in Cretaceous Park in Sacramento, California, but some escaped after they were accidentally let loose, ever since they now established breeding populations throughout the Americas and (due to pet releases because of pet trades) throughout Eurasia. Compsognathus neolongipes mainly feeds on insects, spiders, scorpions, millipedes, centipedes, crustaceans, mollusks, worms, fish, frogs, small lizards, small snakes, small birds, small mammals, eggs of non-avian reptiles, and carrion of various animals, but can also feed on man-made food, some picked vegetables (such as potatoes), some fruits (such as tomatoes and bananas), etc, making its varied diet the only known inaccuracy that the original Compsognathus species likely lacked. The Compsognathus is a fast breeder and the babies of this species hatch out of the eggs after around 2-3 months when the eggs are first laid. It resembles Sinosauropteryx asiaticus in appearance, being covered in thick fluffy feathers consisting of blacks, orange-browns, and whites, but lacks the "masked" colors over its eyes, unlike Sinosauropteryx. The Compsognathus is either a solitary or social animal, depending on a population, however, unlike in movies, even if they are in big groups, they aren't much of the threats to humans or other large sapient species/beings, as they generally don't hunt larger animals (unlike the fictional Ingen Compsognathus from the Jurassic Park/World franchise).
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