Comedy Movie is a 2015 comedy film directed by Jason Friedberg and Aaron Seltzer.


Terri and Fiona meet up with strange events that parodies movies from the twenty-somethings or the ninty-somethings (or should I say the nineteen-eighty somethings or the nineteen-ninety somethings).



  • Imogen Poots as Terri, who goes to University School
  • Isabelle Allen as Fiona, Terri's 11-year-old daughter who goes to Middle School (or Junior High school)
  • Ariel Winter as Casey, Fiona's crazy cousin who goes to High School
  • Dakota Goyo as Grayson, Fiona other cousin who turned out to be having autism


  • Taylor Momsen as young adult girl in a convience parking lot
  • Madison Beer as radio announcer
  • Kristen Bell as the narrator


  • Gossip Girl- Kristen Bell narrates the whole film
  • Victorious- Terri eats a herb product who turns out to be spongy bills to make her sing better
  • Mean Girls- Terri talks to Casey's bullies


  • It will be distributed by Dimension Films and Phase 4 Films.
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