Colton Renko is a main character on the crime drama Law & Order: New Orleans and a recurring character on related drama, Law & Order: Dallas.

Biography & Personality

Born in Dallas, Texas, in March 1958, Colton Renko grew up in a middle-class family. He has two younger brothers, Deacon (who was killed in Vietnam) and Evan. As an adult, he joined the Marines along with his brother Deacon, and both were shipped out to Vietnam. Colton returned home alive, but sadly Deacon did not.

Afterwards Colton attended the police academy, graduated and joined the Dallas Police Department and eventually, the Texas Rangers, coming to be regarded as one of the best.

He is twice married, and divorced once. He has four children and five grandchildren.

Colton possesses an eye for an eye view of the law when in the field, although he does not condone killing unarmed men and doesn't approve letting people take vigilante methods to combat crime. He also doesn't enjoy just sitting at a desk and giving orders, preferring instead to be in the field.

Colton arrives at the start of the eighth season, to replace the retired Eddie Hicks as MCCIS Captain. The squad disliked him at first due to still missing Eddie, but were eventually won over with his personality and style of combatting crime. They later gained his respect completely after he saves Detective Brianna Adams from a killer she'd been sent undercover to incrimniate for murder and attempted murder.

During the crossover with Dallas (Supremacy/Homecoming), Colton's son Richie, a Dallas police officer, is critically wounded by a gang of white supremacists helping their boss escape. He survives, but is said to face a long recovery ahead. Two years later, halfway through the fourteenth season, Colton decides he needs to be close to his son (who is still recovering), and abruptly leaves the NOPD to return to the Texas Rangers to be near his child.



  • Service weapons: Customized Taurus PT92 and Smith and Wesson Model 29
    • Is only character to have two service weapons.
  • Is politically conservative, but has respect for several liberal politicians and several of their views.
  • Is partially based off of Cordell Walker of Chuck Norris's old TV series, Walker, Texas Ranger.
  • Is the first character to move permenantly from New Orleans to Dallas.
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