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Cole McCorrea is a main character in the American crime drama, Law & Order: New Orleans.

Biography & Personality

Born in Phoenix, Arizona in January 1982, Cole McCorrea was born to a poor household as an only child. His abusive drunken father left when he was five and his mother took her frustrations out on him, emotionally and verbally abusing him constantly. She also had a long string of boyfriends who were drug addicts or drunks, who would abuse him physically too. Eventually, Social Services discovered this and send him to live with his father's brother and his family in New Orleans when he was ten. There he grew up with his three cousins and come to value them as his real siblings. He eventually went to college and then law school and became a lawyer and was hired by the New  D.A.'s office due to his exceptional performance on the bar exam.

His private life is unknown, though it is known he has no children, as of yet.

Given his harsh early life, McCorrea is dogged in his pursuit of justice. Also, he appears willing to bend or break rules to secure a conviction, if it means getting justice for those who deserve it. He also comes down hard on parents who abuse or neglect their kids, due to his mother's own abusive nature, such as in the episode "Bad News", when he comes down hard on a mother who abused her son and then tampered with the custody case in order to frame her husband and get custody of the boy, to recieve child support and alimony, and sees to it that she surrenders her parental rights.

However, McCorrea does have a soft side, such as when, faced with a 15-year old boy who killed his parents for sexually abusing him and his younger sister (whom he also killed out of mercy to spare her the emotional trauma he had), he arranges for him to be incarcerated in juvenile hall until his 21st birthday, rather than go to prison.

He is also shown to be protective of his co-worker Janet Ashe. In the fifth season, after she is brutally beaten by a rape victim's brother for convincing her to testify, he confronts the brother, compares him to his sister's rapist, and when the brother lashes out, McCorrea brutally beats him in the same manner as Janet had been, and very nearly kills him. He is brought before the State Bar's Disciplinary Committee and comes very close to losing his job and career and going to jail. New D.A. Russell Washington manages to get him out with a warning and proabation, but warns him he might not be able to save him next time should something like this happen again.

Following Ashe's departure after the eleventh season, McCorrea is partnered with rookie A.D.A. Zoe Shields whom he intially has a shaky relationship with. Later on, in the twelfth season, he becomes romantically involved with rookie detective Raina Villalobos.

During the fifteenth season, McCorrea's long-estranged father Lloyd (who is revealed to have cleaned himself up, relocated to New Orleans, and opened a successful nightclub) is implicated in and later charged with the murder of an ex-employee who had allegedly stolen thousands from him. At his father's pre-trial indictment (which Shields is set to prosecute during McCorrea's personal link) he is also reunited with his estranged mother Dalia (who has also straightened herself out) and both of his parents are revealed to have new families. Both wish to fix the mistakes they made with their son, but McCorrea is reluctant due to their past. However, in the end, following some advice from Sgt. Marcus Queen, he opts to give his parents a chance, and helps his father plead out to second-degree manslaughter.