Coelacanthus (SciiFii)
The common coelacanth (Coelacanthus sciifii, name meaning "SciiFii's Hollow Spine") is a species of coelacanth that originally lived during the Permian to the Triassic period as an extinct species of Coelacanthus and was once extinct, but has since been brought back from extinction by SciiFii and introduced to the modern Pacific Ocean, Atlantic Ocean, Indian Ocean, and the Mediterranean Sea to help boost biodiversity. The common coelacanth bares a superficial similarity to the Latimeria coelacanths, though it is smaller, and has a more elongated heads. Individuals can grow up to 3 feet in length, has an elongate codavypter or supplementary tail lobe, and has small lobed fins. The common coelacanth is an open-water predator that usually feeds on smaller creatures such as crustaceans, smaller fish, and mollusks. The common coelacanth is a solitary animal in most of its life, except during breeding seasons, when males and females congregate in shoals in order to mate. The conservation status of the common coelacanth is Least Concern due to successful conservation efforts and the common coelacanth's wide range.
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