Cody Cuidightheach (Earth-8000)
Cody Cuidightheach.jpg
 Homeworld Earth
 Born Early 1990 A.D
 Died November 8th, 2680 A.D
Titles & Aliases
 Real Name Cody Cuidightheach
 Current Alias Tachyon
 Aliases Captain Technology
Smartest Man Alive
Iron Man
The Mechanic
The Scientist
The Doctor
The Inventor
The Philosopher
The Astronomer
The Historian
CO of Jaeger Industries
 Editorial Names
 Relatives James Jaeger (Deceased)
Jasmine Jaeger (Deceased)
Maria Jaeger (Sister)
Jessica Yaeger (Daughter)
 Affiliation Jaeger Industries
Galactic Frontier
 Base of Operation None
 Status Active
 Identity Semi-Public
 Citizenship Australian
 Marital Status Single
 Occupation Scientist
chief Military strategist
 Education Sydney Distance Education High School
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
 Gender Male
 Height 5'8" (Out of Armour)
6'3" (In Armour)
 Eye Color Blue
 Fur Color
 Hair Color Black
 Unusual Features
 Universe Earth-8000
 Place of Birth
 Creators AtlantisUchiha
First Appearance
Adventures of Earth


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Early Life

School Life

Born and raised in Sudney to James and Jasmine Jaeger, he attained Sydney Distance Education High School in Sydney, Cody expressed high capacity of intelligence at the age of ten when he created his first artificial intelligence Epsilon. During most of his high school years, his academics over shadows everyone in the school, gaining near-perfect marks in science, chemsitry, history and even engineering. Due to this, he was selected by Samuel Hayden to attain the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Accepting, he'd moved out of Sydney to Cambridge, Massachusetts, United States to attained the Institute.

Attaining the Institute, Cody had shown profound and unnaturally high levels of intellgence, and due to the resources he attain attaining here, he created the first perfected holo-pad, and perfected the fiction of holographic projection itself. With his profound aptitude, he graduate MIT with master to PdH degrees in the fields of science and technology.

Over the years, Cody has became the infamous CO of Jaeger Industries and was able to make Australia a superpower and run on a pure energy source known as ARC energy (named after the ARC Reactor that powers his factory). Over the years, he field tested many weapons and defense systems and even infantry armour. Due to the fact he's helping the ADF, many are enlisting into the ADF. He became a important facor in the ADF.


However, Cody soon was captured by Abu Sayyaf Group during a field testing of the ARC Mark-III missile in 2019 A.D and wa fatally wounded during the skirmish. However, saved by the terrorists, he was kept alive with a electromagnet implanted into his chest to hold the shrapnel from piercing his heart. He was saved by Aarav Sai. After getting his bearing, the founding leader, Abu Sayyaf told him that he is to create the ARC Mark-II missile, and was forced outside soon after. He'd soon dicovered to be in Iraq and taken to a cave where he is to build the missile. Not agreeing, but is forced anyways. But for him to work, he'd soon created a the AM Core, a miniture ARC Reactor made of scraps and garbage of the area, to which be considered too advanced even for human current echnological tier.

With this powerful elecromagnet helping to sustain his life, Aarav assisted Cody in making the Mark-I aedra power armour. Creating the pieces and tools needed, they were able to finished half of the power armour. However, they soon had to stop and pretend to be working on he missile as Abu Sayyaf walked in to check the progress. Somewhat satisfied, Abu left and Cody continued. Finishing, he'd complied the code and data and began to upload it into the suit, as Aarav placed a bomb onto the door. Getting into the suit, Aarav helps Cody to prepare where the door exploded alerting the other terrorists members, Aarav ran outside and distracted them for the suit to finish. Exiting, Cody was able to easily subdue anyone he came across, but he soon find Aarav fatally wounded. Sighing, Cody told him he wont ever forget and he'd soon passed away. As to not use the weapons, he'd destroy the camp of the Abu Sayyaf Group, fleeing via unstablized rocket boosters and crashed landed. As he walked for over a hour, the United States Air Force was able to find him, and return him to Australia.

Soon after returning, Cody ordered a press conferences on the subject of his kidnapping, all the while he had a chees burger delivered to him. He informed the press that he'd be stopping all production of weapons to the ADF. This caused the reporters to ask questions, but he'd ignored them went to the East Sydney Private Hospital to be medically treated of his wounds.

Returning back home, he began to construct the Aedra armour with more advanced technology, soon bringing the Mark-II into play. He would later use this same armour to destroy any stolen technologies, and used it agains this former partner, Jason Goodwood when he'd betrayed him and took the Am reactor core off his chest, and used it to battle the Goodwood Armour. This fight took place at the tower where he'd detonated the ARC reactor to kill Jason. The media took hold of the fight, and Cody told of the conference of the battle. He soon read out lines from a small cards, but soon told the truth, and that he created the armour, and it was him.

Powers & Abilities


Power Grid
Energy Projection*
Fighting Skills
* High values represents enhancements of the Aedra Armour


Super-Genius Intellect: Cody as shown prodound superhuman intellect in his youth and during his time the UNSC Navy as chief engineer before being promoted to Captain during the Great Civil War, and has demonsrtrated his intellect in the Homecoming War. He capable of processing information at a accelerated rate, allowinh him to think 2-5x faster then those of Genius-Level Intellect. He is famed for being to able learn many subjects in the few hours and had became a expert/master of multiple subjects such as aerodynamics, and astrophysics in under 5 hours. His intellect took him far in technologies, and even made him a formidablle tachician, capable of formulating plans on the fly.

Master Inventor & Engineer

Expert A.I Programmer

Expert Unarmed Fighter

Expert Tachician

Expert Marksmen











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