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Cody Cuidightheach (Earth-646)



Titles & Aliases
 Real Name Cody Cuidightheach
 Current Alias Tony Stark
 Editorial Names
 Affiliation Team CCOK (Formally), Yang Xiao Long (Partner)
 Base of Operation Cuidightheach Tower
 Status Active
 Identity Public
 Citizenship Atlesian
 Marital Status Single (possible romantically involved with Yang)
 Education Single Academy, Beacon Academy
 Gender Male
 Height 5'8"
 Eye Color Orange
 Fur Color
 Hair Color Blond (Formally)
Black (Genetic Alteration)
 Unusual Features
 Origin Atlesian
 Universe Earth-646
 Place of Birth
 Creators AtlantisUchiha
First Appearance
RWBY: World of Remnant
Woah Yang Bang. That's some high quality tech you got from Atlas. If you're gonna find your sister, let me come. I can provide technological help in case that arm gets beaten up.
~ Cody offering to help Yang and be his partner and technological support for her robotic arm.

Cody "Tony Stark" Cuidightheach is the main/central character in the RWBYF Contitinuity, and was the former hunter from Beacon, and is the former leader of Team CCOK (Team Coke). He's was the team's strategist, look out, and their mechanic/technician in mutlple aspects of technology and regarding cyber-infiltration and cyberwarfare in general, and basic knowledge of the world. After the fall of Beacon, being one of Yang's closest and childhood friend, she invited him to stay with her, as he was disowned by his family at a young age, forcing him to enter Vale, and attain Single and Beacon academies.

When Yang gotten her robotic arm, she went to locate her sister. She had asked Cody come along and he agreed, catching a airship to Anima. Along their journey, they encounter Yang's mother, Raven, saving Wiess. Due to Raven's semblance, she created a portal to Qrow, allowing him, Yang and Weiss to mets with Qrow, and to Ruby and the others.

While their reunion, Cody spoke to Qrow on the circumstances, since he actually knew on the events between Salame long before meeting Raven and knowing who Ozpin is. Qrow gave him the details, and told him about the relics.


Early Life

Birth & Childhood

Powers & Abilities


Power Grid
Energy Projection*
Fighting Skills
* Higher values represent the enhancements of the standard Mark X Aedra power armour

Semblance: Dead-Eye: Cody's semblance is called Dead-Eye, which enhances his vision greatly, from seeing clear details and clarity, he is also able to see very far, and even different spectrums of light.

Enhanced Endurance: Despite being physically weak, Cody has shown to have the will to press even in the most physically distressed or in pain or wounded. Even with a broken leg, he continues to fight to the bitter end to save his comrades. This shows he cares a lot for his teammates.

Enhanced Reflexes & Agility: Even though not physically fit, Cody possess heightened reaction time and agility. allowing him to dodge most attacks, and not get harmed


Super-Genius Intellect: Cody's primary ability is his extraordinary intellect. Able to learn concepts, and instructions at a faster rate then a average human. Due to his intellect, he is able to analyze his surroundings, and make quick judgmental thoughts that will benefit his team. Due to his hobby being an inventor, he is able to formulate blueprints that could enhance his weapon with attachments.

Cody Engineering & Holograms

Cody with his aedra armour projects 5 years after the defeat of Salem.

Master Engineer, Inventor & Craftsmen: Cody has shown to be a excellent craftsmen and mechanic, able to produce blueprints and craft anything he desires with the required materials and tools. In Signal Academy, he has created a sidearm known as Aedra. A custom-built heavy pistol that fires regular rounds to dust rounds with great accuracy, and low recoil. Over the years, he has modified Aedra to suit many conditions from stealth to fighting grimm with specific custom rounds.

For added protection and stability for his right hand, Cody crafted the Aedra Gauntlet, a device that allows increased strength and durability for his right hand and forearms. The device allows him to move with greater coordination, and increases his grip. Due to the gauntlet, he can use dust crystals to project elemental beams, with one dust crystal to act as a energy source, and secondary elemental effect on the back of the gauntlet.

Mark L

The Mark L armour in Infinity.

During his help to locate Cinder with tam RWBY and the 3 members of team JNPR, he has been busy constructing a type of armour that would allow him to help more with the team to locate Cinder, and her faction. After defeating Salem, Cody's ingenuity in technology is increased in the past 10 years, he has made immense advancements in technology in many fields of science and even self-sustaining energy from the Power Crystal. With his current tech level, he is able to produce the Mark L, the most advance power armour using nanotechnology for instantaneously manifest. The armour itself it kept within the Cuidightheach Reactor Core that was implanted into his chest.


Despite being a highly reactive, he is shown to be physically weak in most aspects. He barely able to keep up with most of the team mates, and could't hold objects such as Ruby's scythe or even hold jaune's sword, demonstrating his lack of physical strength.

  • His speed under average, most students can outrun him
  • Cody can NOT predict, or avoid things that are absolutely invisible, or objects fired faster then sound, or is at light-speed.
  • Cody's stamina is not impressive, getting tired rather easily if he sprints for even 10 seconds.


Dispite his weaknesses, he is noted to have fortified, and a reliable strengths he can use on he field.

  • Cody is highly intelligent, counted to classified as a "Genius-Level intellect", or a "Super-genius" in the fields of tech, engineering, and brilliant tactician.
  • What he may lack, can be resolved with various usages of equipment he can craft. He was able to craft the Aedra Gauntlet to boost his right arm's strength, durabilty and firearm accuracy.
  • Due to his vast knowledge and intellect in technology, he is a helpful companion and partner to Yang, and is Yang's childhood friend.
  • His Dead-Eye semblance makes him able to see clearer, allowing to help him teammates on the field by giving clear details where their vision might be tempered.


Cody stands at 5'6", and has average build since he doesn't really work out. he has fair completion, and has blonde hair and red eyes.


During the Vytal Festival, he simply worn a white t-shirt, with a black jacket, and blue pants with white socks and which shoes. He always seen to wear sunglasses.


Cody has a cheerful persona that helps lighten the mood up of his team when on missions. He sometimes tell them that they will make out, and leaves no one be hide. He is also confident, and trusts his teammates with his life. In dangerous situations, he will show composure, and try to analyse, and try to get a plan quickly to save his friends.



Aedra Armour

Aedra Amour - Mark I

The Mark II power armour used during the early developmental stages used for the Prototype Series of the Aedra Armour before entering the Advanced Series.

The Aedra Armour are a series of advance power armours invented by Cody, and has been in develop since Signal. Ranging from the Mark I, to the advance Mark X, and more so advance. Cody has used the Aedra power armour since he had the Aedra Armour: Mark V transported from Yang's home to Haven, and had been using the armours since. By the time he were to battle Salem, he had already progressed to tenth-generation Aedra armour.



  • Cuidightheach: Cuidightheach was Cody's idol for what he as done, and exploited in the war, and today. Now, after his death, his exploits and heroism against the Grimm greatly increases his admiration of hiS great-great-grandfather, and he was the reason of Cody becoming a hunter (even if he lacks the physical part).
  • Sapphire Cuidightheach: Cody's mother is one of the people he deeply cares, and cherish for. Whenever he went on a mission for Beacon with his team , he always goes to the village after the mission to see if she needs help, to which the team also helps.

Team Members


  • Cody can be derived from Greek as "pillow" which can symbolise "white".
  • Cody is a Irsh name from Gaelic origin from "Ó Cuidighthigh" which means "descendant of CUIDIGHTHEACH"
    • The word "CUIDIGHTHEACH" is an ancient Irish byname meaning "Helpful".
  • Cody's intellect is meant to be based on Dr. Eggman, and Tony Stark (Iron Man) from Marvel Comics.
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