Code Lyoko poster

Code Lyoko is a 2016 science-fiction film based on a animated TV series.


Code Lyoko is about a group of four boarding school students enrolled at Kadic Junior High School: Jeremy Belpois, Odd Della Robbia, Ulrich Stern, and Yumi Ishiyama. The students travel to the virtual world of Lyoko — which is found in an extremely powerful and scientifically complex supercomputer housed in the basement of an abandoned factory near the school — to fight against a sentient, thinking, sinister and deadly multi-agent system (or artificial intelligence) called XANA and prevent it from taking over the real world and all of humanity. In this film, they also relentlessly tried to bring a virtual humanoid being trapped on Lyoko, Aelita Schaeffer (Hopper) to Earth via a process known as materialization.




  • Angie Diaz will wear a pink wig for her role.
  • Michael Campion will wear a blonde wig for his role.


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