Code Cafe (2012/I) Action-Comedy-Fanasty 2012 Netflix film; based on a video game movies parody film.


  • Yasiel Hernandez as young Adrian / Kenny Wells
  • Tyson Tatum as young Doug / Richard Cooper
  • Joseph Swaby as Bret (main villain)
  • Auntie Yanet Swaby-Ebanks as herself; Adrian's cousin in Yanisphotography job place.
  • Janiah Bodden as herself
  • Ana Bodden as herself; in house.
  • Nolberto Swaby as adult Adrian (avatar); in a video game of Code Cafe video game 1985.
  • Yasel Hernandez as Jeffrey Wells
  • Dario Rivers as teen Doug (avatar)
  • Oliver Swaby as teen Adrian's cousin (deceased only); Adrian's deceased avatar cousin.
  • Lioryk Aguilar as adult Adrian's uncle (cameo)
  • Elroy Bryan as avatar Ken; hitman and antagonist in game.
  • Yoni Diaz as Juilò; an friend and gamer.
  • Alex Pettyfer as John Prey; Adrian's adoptive brother.
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