The Code ANGEL Trilogy is a series of three fan-fiction serials based on the French animated series "Code LYOKO". The series, which is written by one individual, known as "Zaber Blade" on Gaia Online, "ZaberBlade" on DeviantArt, and "ZaberOcrist" on YouTube, was started in the fall of 2006, with the release of Code 1 - Newcomer on Gaia Online within the more active of the site's two separate Lyoko fan communities.

The original version of the story, which was written based on the cliffhanger ending of Season 3, has since been rendered inaccurate by the events of Season 4. The author has stated that he will be releasing a new edit of the story, called "Code ANGEL Re-Version" that will bridge it with the end of Season 4 and clear up some discrepancies in the original storyline.

Upon the conclusion of Code ANGEL in early of 2007, Zaber launched the second part of the trilogy, called "Infinite Crisis", debuting on DeviantArt in the fall of 2007. Infinite Crisis is still on going, and no information what-so-ever has yet been revealed regarding part 3.

Part 1 - Code ANGEL

Code ANGEL begins with the introduction of a new character named Zaber Ocrist (the name misdirects many into believing he is a self-insert by the author, but that is not the case) to Catic Academy. He quickly becomes involved in the Lyoko conspiracy and joins the group. However, Jeremy has misgivings about the newcomer, somehow receiving psychic premonitons that foretell Zaber turning on them and killing Aelita. In addition, when Aelita is killed by Xana shortly after, another premoniton reveals to him the existence of "the fourth code", ANGEL. This resurrects Aelita, but grafts angelic wings onto her back. The rest of the serial is focused on uncovering the truth behind these premonitions and Code ANGEL, as well as once and for all revealing the truth about the Hopper family, and the origins of Xana. The series ends with Xana's apparent destruction, the death of Zaber, and the use of Franz Hopper's "reset reality" program to undo the damage caused by the final battle. The last part of Code 20 - Rebirth, which shows a "ten-years later" type scenario, has now been declared non-canonical with the rest of the triloy, as at the time, the author was not planning to continue.

Part 2 - Infinite Crisis

Infinite Crisis is set roughly six months after the end of Code ANGEL, revealing that Franz Hopper's "reset reality" program accidently revived Xana along with everyone else. Xana traps the lyoko warriors in a vicious loop by revealing the secret to the whole world. To counter-act, the Lyoko warriors use "reset reality" again to create an airship called the "Arcerus", which they use to flee from their enemies while continuing to fight Xana, but now in the open. Meanwhile, Xana manufactures his own ship, "The Ark" to pursue them. While both groups slowly begin to amass a small army, the various countries of the worlds start to take sides... ultimately creating a polarized world... some side with the Lyoko warriors and justice, while others side with Xana and domination.

Part 3 - Untitled

No details have yet been released regarding part 3.

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