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Cobra Knife (Video 2017) Action-Thriller Direct-to-Video 2017 film.


  • Lee Clarke as Colonel Carl "Cobra" Jason/Neil Alexander; former U.S scout sniper and Marià's love interest.
  • Glenda Pino as Marià Castro/herself; cuban terrorists and Carl/Neil's love interest.
  • Jesika Ebanks as Dr. Dora Whittle; Cobra Knife members and Neil's DNA tested secret name Neil Alexander.
  • Tyson Tatum as Carlo McLean; U.S army soldier and main antagonist.
  • Daniela Jorge as Bethany Tyson; Main protagonist turned false antagonist.
  • UFC Fighter Yoni Santana Diaz as UFC fighter Yoni Diaz; main antagonist.
  • Jimmy Clarke as Colonel Nick Jason; Carl's deceased half-brother.
  • Roymler Matos as Sergeant Gunnery Neil Alexander (flashbacks); Neil was deceased after Carl gun shot him.


  • Glenda Pino as Dr. Emily Mary Gwen; scientist of alter-ego clone of Marià.
  • John Henkis Jr. as Ex-Major Helmet Gunner; former member of Cobra Knife and Carl's oldest adoptive father.
  • Keenon Douglas as Sergeant Samuel "Doug" Douglas, Marià's husband and Cobra Knife member.