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In Folrdia and the whole world all sixteen year olds go on a 25 day trip around the world where they will be tested to see what supernatural creature they will be. Erick hopes that he will become a vampire. Erick leaves his house where he is gretted by Alex who is a vampire. Alex takes Erick in a Limo to Fort Lauderdale where the sixteen year olds in Flordia who want to become a vampire are at. Erick feels lonely when he's in his room and suddenly starts think about Alex. Erick goes down to the pool and mets Lance who looks like Alex, Frank, Bobby and Seth. Erick dosen't know that Alex is watching him nereby along with the four people in charge Patrick, Micheal, Samantha and Lilly.

Alex tells them that there's something special about the boy. Patrick tells Alex to watch that boy carefully. Erick goes inside the Hotel and ritz for the huge dinner that they have for the 24 guests. Alex comes by Erick and invites him to sit at his table with the grown ups. Erick sists at the table with Alex, Lance, Parker, Madison, Morgan, Melissa, Zoey, Samantha, Lilly and Jordan. They talk about a club called Club Dead and Erick asks what that is and Lance tells him that its a special club for speical vampires and Alex mutters that you might be in it.

Patrick and Micheal explains to them that they must pass intation in order to become full-fleged vampires and be turnded. Intation is broken into three stages. Heights, speed and strength is the first stage. The next day they go to to the Fort Luaderdale airport where Erick notcies someone watching him. He gets on the jet and sits with Lance, Frank, Seth and John. Alex and Parker two of the teachers sits by them. Every intatite must have an ipad and they pass out the ipads.

Erick talks to his family on Facebook and skype. Erick goes to use the bathroom on the jet and when he leaves Alex is standing there. Alex tells him that there's something special about Erick. Erick shakes it off and asks Lance what is wrong with his brother. Lance asks his brother why he keeps on bothering Erick and Alex tells him that he needs to be in Club Dead and Lance disagrees with that. Alex tells Patrick and Micheal. They arrive in Rio and stay at the Copacabana Palace. Patrick tells them that the carnival in town is open to them.

Lance asks Erick if he wants to go with him and Erick agrees. Lance and Erick didn't know they were sopossed to where masks and buy mascerade masks. While Erick is looking at the jewerley he see's somone in a mask with a hood up watching him. Alex then comes to Erick and Erick points to the person and Alex asks Erick if he knows who that is. Erick shruggs his shoulder and tells Alex that he saw someone watching him at the airport. The person walks off and Alex follows him with Erick and Lance behind him.

They follow him into an ally after a chase. Alex finaly catches up to him and rips his mask off. Alex asks why he was watching Erick and the man says he was told too. Alex knocks him out and takes him back to the Copacabana Palace and shows Patrick, Micheal, Parker, Blake, Kennette, Will and Jacob. Patrick calls for a meeting in one of the rooms and all the intatites come in. Erick see's the boy chained to a chair on stage. Patrick, Micheal, Alex, Parker, Blake, Kennette, Will and Jacob are standing on stage.

Patrick explains to them that the man in front of them will be injected with truth serum which is a truth liquid that the brizalins invented. Patrick injects the liquid into the man. The man says his name is John and that somone sent him message to watch a boy and that they sent him a picture of him. Patrick asks why he did it. John says for ten thousand dollars. Patrick lets him stay with the intitates. Erick gets scared and see's Patrick and Micheal and tells him that he's to scared to do this and asks to leave.

Patrick says that you can't leave for a special reason. Patrick and Micheal explain to him that since Erick is sepcial that he needs to be in Club Dead a specal vampire group and that he'll have people to portect you. Erick leaves and runs into Parker. Parker explains to him that he and Alex will be his bodyguards. The next day the intatites are going to Sugarloaf Mountain. They ride a cable car to the mountain then drive to the Crist of Reemeder. Parker tells them that they have to each jump off the railing.

The intatites thinks this is crazy but Alex ressures them that there's a huge net down below in the trees. Erick feels like he needs to jump first and climbs up on  the railing and he jumps down and lands down on a net. Patrick, Micheal, Kennette, Blake, Will and Jacob congragulate him on jumping first. They take a train through Corcovvada Hill and back to Copacobana Palace. Erick stays at the beach and talks with Frank and Seth. John comes over and apoligizezs for waht he did and Erick accepts the apolgy.

Alex comes and gets Erick, Seth and Frank. They follow Alex to Patrick's office where Patrick, Micheal, Lance, Madison, Morgan, Melissa, Zoey, Samantha, Lilly, Jordan, Bobby, Blake, Kennette, Will and Jacob are at. Patrick explains that this is a Club Dead meeting. Patrick tells them that all of them are special and that they need to watch to see if anyone is following them. Kennette explains that there's a group out there called Vampire Hunters that kill vampires who are special.

The next day they go to Corcovado Hill where they jump off several high hills with nets at the bottom. Parker invites Erick to go to the glass palace with him they go to the glass palace together where someone attacks them but Parker steaks him killing him. Parker tells Patrick and Patrick says the last day was today anyway. Erick wakes up in the middle of the night and finds Alex watching his room and starts talking to him and Alex says he'll let no one hurt him.

The next day they leave and fly to Easter Island and stay at the Explora Rapa Nui Lodge. Erick looks through his window in his room and see's dark figures. He tells Alex and he and Alex go out to the field where they see estranged Rapa Nui people. Alex takes Erick back to his room where they kiss. Parker tells Erick that he's proud of him for making it this far. Micheal tells Erick that there's alot of strange stuff that happens on this island. At dinner Lance tries to ask Erick something but can't get it out leading Erick to believe that Lance was going to ask him out.

Erick tells Alex that he thinks Lance likes him. Alex says "He dose and so dose Parker." Erick dosen't know what to do since three boys are after him and decides to just stay with Alex. The next day they go to Ahua Tahai and they run around the statues and Erick gets the highest speed and Frank gets the second speed. Patrick, Micheal, Alex, Parker, Samantha, Lilly take Erick to Whiteys' a restraunt. They all have Eastern Island's famous champange and then they ride the roller coaster ride Cyclone where Erick and Alex kiss again witnissed by Parker.

On the last day they take them to Rano Raraku Quarry where the run down the hills and later Erick, Lance, Seth, Frank, Madsion, Morgan, Melissa, Zoey and Jordan ride on horseback to Man Eating Cave where Erick finds strange markings inside of the cave and finds his full name. He dosen't tell the others and has fun at the Island Feast hosted by Rapa Nuri residents in till people start shooting arrows at the intattes and Rapa Nuri residents.

Alex takes Erick to saftey and the adults call an evacatuition and take all the vampire intiates out of Easter Island and to Bora Bora for strength. Patrick, Micheal, Smantha, Lilly, Kennette, Blake, Will and Jacob have  a Club Dead meeting and tell them that somebody is targeting them and Erick suggests the person who is after him. Erick talks to John and John says he has no clue who told him to watch him. John pulls up the messages on his iPad. Kennette checks the message and they say there from Bora Bora the island there on.

Kenette and Erick go in town and ask if there's been any new people on this island latley. A man tells them that someone named Martin and Whitney moved to the island a couple days ago. The man shows them there house. Alex, Lance and Parker show up. They knock on the door and interupt Whitney and Martin having sex. Martin answers the door naked. When they get there clothes on Erick shows them Mark King the fake facebook. Martin and Whitney says they never heard of that before.

When they get back to the Aqua-Blue Marine Gardens craft a kildeoscope home over the water Erick goes to the beach. Lance sits with them and they talk. Lance admits that he likes Erick and Erick tells him that he's sorta with his brother. Alex comes over to them and starts stripping in front of them and goes skinny dipping in the ocean. Erick goes into the ocean and play around with Alex. They watch the fish and sting rays go around them. That night Alex comes over and on the dock Erick tells Alex that Lance likes him. Alex takes his clothes off and jumps into the water and swims to Lance's house where he confronts him.

Lance admits to his brother that he likes Erick. Alex says that the only reason you like him is beacuse i do you always do what i do. Lance says that's not it. Erick goes over there and stops them and runs off into the night and finds Madison, Morgan, Melissa, Zoey and Jordan. They invite him to a water slide nereby and they have fun and after that they jump on the jumping pillow. The next day they go deep-sea fishing to test there strength underwater. Erick stays under the water longer.

They then go to the beach and fight. Erick fights Lance and Lance lets Erick win beacuse Lance likes him. Alex just rolls his eyes and walks away. Erick follows Alex to a helicopter where they look over Bora Bora. Alex and Erick make out in the helicopter and they want more. When they land they get to Erick's house and have sex. Erick leaves to go see Seth and Frank who are at the jumping pillow and water slide.

Parker talks with Erick and brushes his hand on Erick. Erick tells Parker that he's with Alex and that he can't date Parker beacuse he's with Alex. Lance here's this and cries in the woods. Patrick follows Lance and asks what's wrong. Lance tells him what's going on and Patrick said you can get him back in tonight. Patrick calls everybody and they gather to the beach and Patrick makes Alex and Lance fight eachother which leads with Lance winning.

Erick is impression which pleases Lance and pisses Alex off and he storms off but Patrick dosen't let him leave beacuse there going to play a game. There going to play paintball in the lusious hills and jungle. Erick and Lance are captins. Erick chooses Alex, Parker, Frank, Patrick, Madison, Melissa, Zoey, Lilly, Kennette and Will. They hide while Lance's team has to find them. Lance finds Erick but instead of shooting him they kiss. Erick lets lead to some more but here's someone coming and runs off.

The next day they leave and arrive at Sydney Austrila for Part 2 of Vampire Tranning fear. Alex tells them that vampires need to have no fear and the only way to get over that is to get rid of them through simluations. Frank thinks this is an invasion of privacey and he argues with Micheal about it. Blake invites Erick out on a bike ride through the city and Erick accepts. They ride through the city and Blake asks why Erick kissed Lance even though he's with Alex. Blake says he saw it in the woods.

Erick sad he dosen't know what to do and to not tell Alex beacuse he knows Alex will rip Lance's heart out. Blake decides to keep this quiet and goes back to the hotel and tells Lance that he's with his brother. Lance angry storms off and Erick follows with Alex. Erick gets split into the crowd and gets grabbed by someone and he wakes up and he's in a car in a dark plce. He wakes up and see's a bright light in the woods. He breaks out of the car and walks into the woods where he sees people having a rituhal.

The people see him and Erick runs off into the woods and runs into a little girl who turns into a demon right in front of him. Erick stakes the gril and runs off into the woods. Alex finds Lance and tells him that he lost track of Erick and that he is missing. Erick finds the car he was trapped in and drives to the headquarters and picks up Alex and Lance. He tells them what happend and tells the Club Dead members and they say it's time to fly back home. They get on the jet and fly home.

On the plane Erick wonders why they didn't kill him and why there after him. They get to Fort Lauderdale and decide to stay the night there. Erick wonders around outside and Alex says that he and Lance are going to the island by Fort Laudedale on the boat. This is the last thing Erick wants to do but he goes. They get on the boat and drive a short distance to the island. Lance swims in the water and says that he wants Erick to be with his brother and then he is shot. Erick screams and Alex grabs Erick and they run of the boat and into the jungle where Alex gets shot.

Alex tells Erick to run why sevrel men in gas masks grab Alex. Erick runs and hides till morning. When it's morning and he finds a rocking dock that connects to Fort Lauderdale. He walks on it and just as he see's the city he turns around and sees someone in a scream costume standing there. Erick runs into the city and finds Patrick and Micheal. He tells them what happens and they said that the poeple who are after them are the vampire hunters who kill vampires. Patrick gathers everyone just as people start to shoot at the hotel.


Christian Hall as Erick, the main character who will do anything ton become a vampire

Shiloh Fernandaz as Parker, the instructer for the intaties who falls in love with Erick

Alexander Scarsguard as Alex, the sexy brittish instructer who Erick haves strong flings for

Jamie Campbell Bower  as Lance, Alex is sexy younger brother who starts to like Erick

Max Theroit as Frank Clark, a chubby friend of Erick's

Dave Franco as Seth,

Patrick Wilson as Patrick

Joe Mangenielleo as Micheal

James Franco as Martin

Blake Lively as Whitney

Julianna Guill as Madison

Leven Ramblin as Morgan

Britt Robertson as Melissa

Brianna Evigan as Zoey

Shannon Elizabeth as Samantha

Lili Taylor as Lilly

Emma Stone as Jordan

Micheal Trevino as Bobby

Channing Tatum as Blake

Jane Levy as Kennette

Robbie Amell as Will

Milo Ventamilga as Jacob


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