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Close (2019/I) Action-Thriller 2019 Netflix film.


  • Yourails Swaby as June 'Yourails' William, main antagonist, Dani's half-cousin.
  • Juila Hernandez as Juila William, film main antagonist, Daniela's half-aunt.
  • Daniela Jorge as Sam Carlson, main protagonist/turned police non-Vigilante.
  • Luidmila Ortiz as Mrs. Juila Carlson, Sam's mother.
  • Arley Swaby as Ben Carlson, Sam's 2nd cousin.
  • Paula Swaby as Daniela William, she was deceased.
  • Tyson Tatum as T.J Kamashi, main protagonist.
  • Oliver Swaby as Sam's cousin (Uncredited); Ben's mentioned half-cousin.
  • John Henkis as Jim Oliver (Uncredited);
  • Yanet Swaby as Zoe Tanner, Sam's cousin and Ben's cousin.
  • Ricardo Swaby Rivers Hydes as Oliver Douglas; Sam's adoptive cousin and Ben's deceased grandfather (dreams only)
  • Nolberto Swaby as Jon (dreams only); Oliver's oldest son and also fathers.


  • "Beautiful Feeling" performed by Candy Says courtesy by Candy Says
  • "Mejor Que no" performed by Daddy Yankee courtesy by Daddy Yankee
  • "Sigueme X Instagram" performed by Karen Giselle courtesy by Karen Giselle
  • "Como yo" performed by Yandel ft. Future (main theme)