Clone is 2014 American science fiction horror film directed by Vincenzo Natali. This films stars


On her 19th birthday, she was taken away by stranger to the jail and then she escape and found out she was taken place by a clone but nobody believes her, not even her family. Is race against time for Crystal before her clones killing people when the help from her great cousin from the past who was frozen in 1979 for 35 years in 31st December 1979 and was unfreezes by Crystal to help her.



  • Emily Browning as Crystal Hammond/Crystal 2
  • Diane Kruger as Claire Hammond/Crystal's great cousin from 1979 who was frozen in 34 years and unfreezes by Crystal for her help


The Opening Scene

  • Word: 31st December 1979, 11:57pm.
  • (Claire walk)
  • Claire: Bye, 70s, hello 80s.
  • Claire: Only 2 mintues.
  • (Body up)
  • Claire: New thing for 80s..
  • Claire: Have a new life.
  • (Bang, bang)
  • Claire: Not shooting, I hate shooting.
  • (Drop)
  • Claire: Huh.
  • (Claire saw her clone)
  • (Claire scream)
  • (Claire's clone grab Claire and punch Claire 4 time)


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