"Clock Tower the First Fear" is prequel film to the movie "Clock tower " based on the video game "Clok Tower - The first fear".


Jennifer Simpson and her friends (Scott, Charlotte, Laura, Henry, Dylan, Anne, Larry, Lindsey and Eric) are adopted by by a wealthy recluse named Mr. Barrows, who lives in a mansion known as the "Clock Tower". The social worker, Mrs. Mary, says Mr. Barrows is on a trip and would be back in two days. Meanwhile, the groupe are invited to be rehabilitated in their new home. But after two days passed, and Mr. Barrows does not come back, the Jennifer realize they came to the wrong place at the wrong time. Now Jennifer and her friends have to contend against a strange creature who murders them one by one. are adopted in 

Main Cast

Anya Taylor Joy - Jennifer Simpson

Tilda Swinton - Mrs. Mary Barrows

Joshua Rush - Bobby Barrows (Scissorman)

Jerad Leto - Simon Barrows

Enrico Colantoni - Walter Simpson

John Karna - Scott Hardy

Sophia Lillis- Charlotte "Lotte" Silverjet

Skyler Samuels - Laura Harrington

Ronen Rubenstein- Austin Maddox

Casey Cott - Dylan Reed

Amy Forsyth - Anne Collins

Josh Hutcherson- Clyde Hale

Keegan Allen - Michael Hyde

Lucy Hale - Olivia Barrows

Body count

No. Name Cause of death Killer On-screen Note
1. Walter Simpson Locked in a room without air Mary Barrows No Found dead
2. Michael Hyde Decapitated by giant scissors Bobby Barrows Yes
3. Olivia Barrows Slashed in throat Mary Barrows No Found dead
4. Laura Harrington Stabbed in the stomach Bobby Barrows Yes
5. Clyde Hale Stabbed in the back with scissors Bobby Barrows Yes
6. Dylan Reed Shot in the head Mary Barrows Yes
7. Simon Barrows Shot in the head Mary Barrows Yes
8. Austin Maddox Impaled on giant scissors Bobby Barrows Yes
9. Charlotte Silverhart Slashed in throat Bobby Barrows No Found dead
10. Dan Barrows Set on fire Scott Hardy Yes Self defense
11. Scott Hardy Impaled on ginat scissors Bobby Barrows Yes
12. Bobby Barrows Pushed to the clock gears Jennifer Simpson Yes Selfe defense
13. Anne Collins Pushed to the clock gears Mary Barrows Yes
14. Mary Barrows Electrocuted on clock generator Jennifer Simpson Yes Selfe defense


Jennifer Simpson - taken by the rescue services

Dan Barrows died but he return in the sequel as Edward

Movie vs Game

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