Clerks 3 is the seventh and final installment in Kevin Smith's View Askewniverse, a sequel to 1994's Clerks and 2006's Clerks II. It was released in 2017. 


Having bought and reopened the Quick Stop, where they used to work, Dante Hicks and Randal Graves struggle to keep their store open after a rival store, Shopper Mart, opens up across the street.


  • Brian O'Halloran - Dante Hicks
  • Jeff Anderson - Randal Graves
  • Rosario Dawson - Becky Scott
  • Trevor Fehrman - Elias Grover
  • Jason Mewes - Jay
  • Kevin Smith - Silent Bob
  • Ming Chen - Steven, the Shopper Mart Manager
  • Bryan Johnson - Steve-Dave
  • Walt Flanagan - Walt
  • Ben Affleck - Customer (cameo)
  • Jason Lee - Brodie Bruce
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