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Cleo & Cuquin The Movie: The Dream Wizard is a 2026 Spanish animated film directed and produced by Victor M. Lopez. The film features the six children of the Telerin family, characters created by the brothers José Luis Moro and Santiago Moro. The Wizard gives each child a dream; the six dreams are presented in different graphical styles. The feature film was made by the Televisa, who obtained authorization from the Moro brothers to use his characters. It is a remake of the 1966 film, El mago de los sueños. It was release as Direct-to-DVD in January 6, 2026, By Omnitrans Pictures.


The film is based on stories by Hans Christian Andersen, such as Thumbelina, and presents for the first time the character called the Magician of Dreams, a kind of goblin with glasses whose main task is to beat Don Coco Dreamcatcher and get the children to fall asleep and to be able to tell you a dream. Each of the children of the Telerín Family has a dream, which tries to leave a message for the child viewer. The stories begin with the dream of Cuquín, the smallest of the Telerines and ends with the dream of Colitas.

Main Characters

  • Cleo (voiced by Hayley Maki) is the oldest of six siblings and is eight-years old. Her favorite thing in the world is playing, and with her vivid imagination, she turns everything into an adventure.
  • Cuquin (voiced by Ruben Ray) is the smallest, he is one year old. He is an adorable little scamp, a tireless, playful baby who just won't sit still.
  • Colitas (voiced by Kenna Pickard) is the little sister and is still learning to talk. She is three years old. She's all heart and loves to share everything she has, she is empathetic and optimistic, and is a huge nature-lover.
  • Pelusin (voiced by Hunter Maki) is the artist of the family! He is five years old He is easygoing, creative and very sensitive.
  • Maripí (voiced by Emily Emmersen, later voiced by Savannah Beattie) is very neat, clean, and, above all, theatrical to the core. She is six years old. She loves to be the centre of attention.
  • Teté (voiced by Austin Nash Chase) is a bookworm: intelligent, a bit of a know-it-all, who loves to read, study and learn new things... and then show off about how much he knows. He is seven years old

The soundtrack

The songs on the LP "El Mago de los Sueños" (RCA 22.064) are:

Side A

  1. Lets go to bed
  2. You will dream (played by Andy Russell)
  3. I am the Magician of Dreams (played by Andy Russell)
  4. The Cuquín twist
  5. Tale of the Little Red Riding Hood
  6. Colitas and the circus

Side B

  1. Tete Hood
  2. Fluff and the coin
  3. The wow of Maripí
  4. Cleo and the Martian (interpreted by "Los 4 de la Torre" and Teresa María)
  5. Lets go to bed
  6. Rosas (interpreted by "La Oreja de Van Gogh")

Later a promotional CD (Sony Records HSCD-188) with the same tracks was released.