Clash of the Titans is a 2016 American action adventure fantasy film and a remake of the 1981 film of the same name, itself a loose adaption of the Greek myth of Perseus. The film was directed by David Yates and scored by James Newton Howard. Joel Kinnaman stars as Perseus, with Ian McKellen and Jeremy Irons in supporting roles.


Zeus, the God of Thunder and the King of Mount Olympus, becomes smitten with the beautiful Queen Danae. He acts on this desire by disguising himself as Danae's husband, King Calibos, and makes love to her. When Danae subsequently bares a son, Perseus, Calibos is enraged to learn that the child is in fact the son of Zeus. In retaliation, Calibos traps Danae and Perseus in a wooden coffin and casts it into the ocean. Zeus sends his servant, Io, to protect his son, while he takes revenge on Calibos by cursing him to become an immortal satyr. Calibos is then banished by his own people and Io retrieves the infant Perseus from the sea; however, she is too late to save Danae. Io hides Perseus on a small island and gives him to a childless fisherman, Dictys, who agrees to raise him as his own. Io watches over Perseus all of his life from a distance.

Many years later, Perseus and his family are fishing off of Argos and witness a group of soldiers tearing down a statue of Zeus and dumping it into the ocean. Dictys warns Perseus that mortals have come to question the gods, and that the gods are angry. His words are immediately proven true as the gods unleash the Furies in anger and have them attack the soldiers, killing them. The Furies then fly around together, forming a tornado of fire which destroys the fishing vessel. Perseus falls into the ocean and is the only survivor. He swims into Argos and is rescued by soldiers led by Draco.

Perseus is brought to a birthday feast being thrown by King Kepheus and Queen Cassiopeia for their daughter Andromeda. Kepheus uses the celebration as an opportunity to further promote his campaign of rebellion against the gods, leading to a cocky Cassiopeia gloating that her daughter is as beautiful as the goddess Thetis herself. At that moment, Thetis appears in the banquet hall, where she ages Cassiopeia to the point of death and then gives the people of Argos an ultimatum; either they offer Andromeda as a sacrifice to the gods, or the city will be destroyed by the Kraken. Before leaving, she identifies Perseus as a demigod, causing Draco to imprison him.

Perseus is visited by Io, who confirms that he is the son of Zeus. She explains that it was prophesied that Perseus would be the only one capable of standing up to the gods, which is why she kept him safe of Earth instead of returning him to Olympus. As a result, she was cursed with agelessness, but has been protecting Perseus all his life. She tells him that it is now time for him to fulfill his destiny.

Draco and the king debate what to do about the crisis, as their armies will not be enough to defeat the Kraken themselves. Perseus, as told by Io, suggests that they visit the Stygian Witches, who will tell them what to do. With no other options, Draco reluctantly agrees. Draco and the King's Guard depart, joined by Perseus and Io.

Meanwhile, Thetis frees Hades, Zeus' brother, from the underworld to assist her. Hades visits a mysterious hooded man and recruits him to kill Perseus. The fellowship journey across the desert, only to be attacked by the hooded figure, revealing themselves to be none other than Calibos. Calibos relentlessly assaults Perseus, who is barely able to hold him off until Draco severs the villain's hand. Calibos retreats and the group continue on their way. However, drops of Calibos' black blood summons giant creatures called scorpiochs, which then kill some of the men. Just as it looks like all is lost, the remainder of the group is rescued by the Djinn, non-human desert sorcerers. The Djinn leader, Sheikh Suleiman, who is also an enemy of the gods, joins the group on their quest.

They arrive at the lair of the Stygian Witches, who are uncooperative until Perseus steals their magic eye and forces them to reveal how to stop the Kraken. The Witches explain that the only way to defeat the Kraken is with the head of the gorgon Medusa, as all who meet her gaze turn to stone. However, Medusa lives on an island at the edge of the underworld.

The band cross into the underworld over the River Styx and make it to Medusa's island lair. They are attacked by a two-headed dog, Orthrus, who kills some of the men and tackles Draco to the ground after he cuts one of their heads off. Before the beast can kill Draco, Perseus stabs it to death. Draco thanks him, and he and Perseus enter the cavern with Draco's three remaining men, Solon, Eusebios and Ixas. Once within, Medusa easily kills the three soldiers by turning them to stone. She shoots and wounds Draco with a crossbow bolt and then chases Perseus. Suleiman sacrifices himself by self-destructing to wound the gorgon. Draco throws his shield down in front of Perseus just as Medusa catches him and turns him to stone before smashing him into pieces.

Perseus hides behind a pillar as Medusa approaches. Perseus realizes that he can see the gorgon's reflection in the shield. Just as she reaches the pillar, Perseus closes his eyes and leaps around the corner, decapitating Medusa; the rest of her body falls into the fires below. Perseus places the severed head into a bag and reunites with Io outside. He is visited by Zeus, who has decided to give Perseus a fighting chance and grants him an enchanted sword. Perseus renounces the gift, but a wise Io puts it away for safe keeping. The two then return to the mortal realm.

As they are about to set off for Argos, they are again confronted by Calibos, who fatally stabs Io and easily breaks Perseus' sword. Finally accepting that he is the son of Zeus, Perseus picks up the Olympian sword and runs Calibos through, who then regresses into his original human form before falling from a cliff. Perseus runs to Io's side, but it is too late; she succumbs to her wounds, telling Zeus to fulfill his destiny and save Argos.

Meanwhile, Zeus learns that Thetis freed Hades and confronts her, only for Hades to suddenly enter. He releases the Kraken, and it begins to move toward Argos. A mad prophet, Prokopion, leads a crowd of panicked citizens who drag Andromeda through the streets, hoping to give her to the Kraken and save their city. As people die in the monster's wake, the power balance of Olympus shifts. Hades reveals that he does not require the worship of mortals, as Zeus does, but only their fear. He kills Thetis and then easily subdues the weakened Zeus.

Perseus begins to ride back to the city, but is attacked by Furies sent by Hades. He fights them off, but his horse is vaporized in the process. Suddenly, a winged horse called Pegasus arrives, secretly dispatched by Zeus. Perseus rides back to Argos, where King Kepheus tries unsuccessfully to save his daughter. In the chaos, Prokopion stabs him just as Andromeda is tied up. Perseus arrives just as the Kraken reaches Andromeda and exposes it to Medusa's head. The Kraken is petrified and turns to stone, before breaking apart and collapsing; Prokopion is crushed to death in the process. Andromeda falls toward the ocean, but is caught by Perseus and they both land safely in the water, she kisses him before they are rescued by Pegasus.

Suddenly, an enraged Hades appears, intent on finally killing Perseus, but Perseus raises his sword tot he sky. Zeus sends down a lightning bolt which engulfs the sword before Perseus throws it at Hades, the subsequent blast banishing him back into the underworld. Andromeda, now the rightful queen of Argos, offers Perseus the position of kingship by her side, but he politely declines and rides away on Pegasus.

Perseus returns to the small island where he grew up and is visited by Zeus, who offers him a place by his side as a god, but Perseus turns him down. Zeus tells Perseus that if he is going to live as a human, then he should not be alone, and then resurrects Io. Zeus then returns to Mount Olympus while Perseus and Io embrace.


Joel Kinnaman - Perseus

Keira Knightley - Io

Emma Watson - Andromeda

Ian McKellen - Zeus

Jeremy Irons - Hades

Lena Headey - Thetis

Ciaran Hinds - Calibos

Andy Serkis - Sheikh Suleiman, and the Kraken

Genesis Rodriguez - Medusa

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