Clarence: The Movie is a 2016 comedy-family movie.


It's summer vacation and 18 kids(Even Clarence) are making a boat to go in the woods and ride it in the river.The boat that they made crashes in the middle of the woods and then Sumo tells a scary ghost of a lost woodsman. So now Clarence, Sumo, Jeff, Brady, Courtlin, Melessica, Kimby, Percy, Nathan, Belson, Chelsea, Dustin, Amy Gillis, Ashley, Breehn, Julien,Vu and Blaide get lost in the woods and they think the ghost from Sumo's is stalking.It's up to Clarence to get them all out.


Skyler Page as Clarence, Main protagonist/Blaide

Tom Kenny as Ryan "Sumo" Sumoszki

Sean Giambrone as Jeff

Roger Craig Smith as Percy

Grace Kaufman as Chelsea, Girlfriend of Sumo

Isabella Niems as Kimby

Joshua Black as Julien

Ivy Bishop as Malessica

Daniel DiMaggio as Brady

Damien C. Haas as Nathan

Ava Acres as Amy Gillis

Jason Mardsen as Belson

Tayler Buck as Courtlin

Anastasia James as Ahsley

McKenna Grace as Tinia,Main antagonist/Made an alliance with Joshua,Cooter,and Seabass to get rid of and scare Clarence by dressing up as the ghost from Sumo's ghost story

Brent Popolizio as Joshua,One of the allies of Tinia/The one who dresses up as the ghost

Gunnar Sizemore as Cooter,Secondary antagonist/One of the allies of Tinia

Atticus Shaffer as Seabass,One of the allies of Tinia

Eric Edelstein as Chad,Clarence's step-father

Katie Crown as Mary,Clarence's mother/Ms.Baker,The former teacher of Clarence

Kyle Arem as Dustin

Bryson Barretto as Vu

Seth Macfarlane as Sheriff Robbie

Joshua Rush as Breehn


  • Runs at nearly two hours
  • Rated PG for violence, action, inappropriate humor, and rude humor
  • This movie is similar to: Ed Edd n Eddy's Big Picture Show.
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