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Claire Redfield
Background information
Films Untitled Resident Evil Sequel (???) (Mentioned only)
TV Series Resident Evil: Undead
Portrayed By Shaniel Swaby Mayo (Resident Evil film)
Voice Alyson Court (English)

Yukana Nogami (Japanese)

Performance Model
Honors and Awards
Character information
Full Name Claire Redfield
Other Names
Age 24
Date of Birth
Date of Death
Status Alive
Cause of Death
Relatives Chris Redfield (Brother)
Occupation TerraSave Member (Former) and Group Lookout
Alignment Chris Redfield's Group
Origin United States
Powers and abilities
Current location
Place of Death

Look, you have two choices here: kill or be killed. Your call!
~ Claire Redfield about the Zombies

Claire Redfield is one of the main protagonists of Resident Evil: Undead. She is the younger sister of Chris Redfield as well as a former member of the Human rights organization TerraSave and she joined Chris Redfield's group as a lookout. Her signature weapon is a MAC-11.



Resident Evil: Undead

Personality and Relationships

Skills and Abilities

Killed Victims



  • "Wait, don't shoot!"
  • "Don't shoot! I'm a Human!"
  • "What's going on?"
  • "So it's true. You have been working for Umbrella...then you must know about the G-Virus as well. What the hell is it?"
  • "You lose, big guy!"
  • "I can't believe that monster is her father."
  • "I will protect you, Sherry. I will always be with you."
  • "Ok, just hang in there. I'll be back."
  • "Make the wrong move and I'll shoot."
  • "You're not done yet."
  • "What's wrong? Cold feet?"
  • "Than people? Steve, what were you doing here, what brought you and where is your family?"
  • "Steve, behind you!"
  • "I've got you now!"
  • "I missed you so much."
  • "Welcome to the club."
  • "What other horrible invasions of privacy have you got in there?"
  • "Stop talking. Let me figure this out."
  • "This can come in handy."
  • "Careful. Stand back."
  • "I know I'm gonna have nightmares about this."
  • "I never thought this stuff my brother taught me would work."
  • "Oh, god. His dead."
  • "There she goes again."
  • "By the way, is there anything we can use as a weapon?"
  • "Barely."
  • "Never saw this coming."
  • "Leon, thank you."
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