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City of the batman is a 2019 action superhero movie based on the DC character batman created by bob kane and bill finger. It is a sequel to the batman and shadow of the batman both directed by sam mendes. It stars eric bana as batman/bruce wayne, logan lerman as dick grayson/robin, emma stone as barbra gordon who takes on the role of batgirl, bryan cranston as commisioner james gordon barbra's father and ally to batman and robin. The film also stars brad dourif as johnathan crane/the scarecrow, and stars billy dee williams and clive owen in supporting roles.


The fims opens in a classy resturant where a couple are having dinner, before suddenly the two are doused in a chemical and have violent hallucinations involving their worst nightmares. some time later police are investigating the scene, commisioner gordon slinks off to have a talk with batman. they discuss over the fact that this was the fifth gas attack in a month. batman suspects there is a link involving the man who is at every one of them.

the next day barbra has returned from her new job and has a discussion with her father because her boss was receiving threats from gangsters. that night she returns to the work place to get her friend's purse when it is robbed blind by gangsters, barbra hides as they are defeated by batman and robin. after interrogating one of the gangsters the two find mention of a man called the scarecrow, and that he's going to crash the gotham city halloween gala. barbra sneaks off and does research on her old professor johnathan crane, whom did inhumane tests involving fear and was fired.

on a date with dick she confesses everything she overheard and found out. after the date he goes back to wayne manor and relates all of the information to bruce. and the two decide that barbra has to be let in on the plan the worked out. so dick as robin enters her home, still with fire damage from firefly, and tells her that she's now a part of the team. after taking her back to the batcave he explains their plan and alfred gives her her own suit. over the next month leading up to the gala, batgirl establishes herself and is trained by bruce. meanwhile james is suspicious about his daughter and this new batgirl and after a breif conversation with batman he agrees to explain after the gala.

at the galla, batman, robin, and batgirl are keeping watch of anything suspicious. and sure enough the scarecrow interrupts the galla and gases everyone in the room, barbra fearing her father may be one of the victims foolishly rushes in, robin going after her. both quickly cover up their faces with gas masks, and confront the scarecrow who knocks out robin. after threatening the comissioner at gunpoint batgirl struggles and is shot. though not before clearing the room allowing the people to get out. after the scarecrow flees gordon unmasks barbra, before dragging her to safety with aid from robin. soon the scarecrow and batman have a fight where he is doused in fear gas, and suffers his worst nightmares. before using nothing more that mental focus manages to knockout scarecrow.

Barbra wakes up at a hospital and has a disscussion with her father before saying that he's proud of her helping batman and robin, and that he's proud he has a daughter who can protect herself as well as gotham, and that he loves her.

sometime later everyone in gotham sees and all tvs the image of famed rival to bruce wayne, lex luthor battling a blue man with a red cape.


Eric bana- bruce wayne/batman

logan lerman-Dick grayson/Robim

emma stone-barbra gordon/batgirl

bryan cranston as james gordon

brad dourif as jonathan crane/the scarecrow

geoffry rush as alfred pennyworth

billy dee williams as lucius fox

clive owen as harvey bullock

Benedict cumberbatch as The shadow