City of Wax is a 2015-2016 horror-thriller production starring

Ariana Grande, Steven R. McQueen, Ansel Elgort, Keke Palmer, Spencer Boldman, Lucy Hale, Leon Thomas, and Emma Roberts.


Chris (Spencer Boldman) receives a letter that his grandfather that has passed away left him something in his will. A wax building. He soon decides to go to the building, but with friends to comfort him along the way. They finally arrive in the city of Maybel, an old rusty, and almost abandoned town that was once famous for their wax figurines.

They eventually find out that not just some things were made out of wax, but mostly the whole town. Little by little, they get creeped out and begin to leave, but their car breaks down and they forget which way they came in. They soon suspect that they are not the only ones in Maybel, Washington, and that someone has been watching them all along. Their every move. The killing spree begins.


  • Spencer Boldman as Chrisopher
  • Ansel Elgort as Michael
  • Ariana Grande as Katherine
  • Keke Palmer as Lauren
  • Lucy Hale as Cassie
  • Leon Thomas as Antoine
  • Emma Robers as Mercedes
  • Steven McQueen as Jake


Production/promotion began in late 2014.

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