City of Chaos is a Horror Slasher flim, a Post Apocalyptic flim, Staring Andrew Garfield, Imogen Poots, Haley Bennett, Max Charles, Sterling Jerins, El Roth, Quentin Tarantino, Keanu Reeves, And Angelina Jolie, 2016 Flim.


In 1944 in World War II When Nezi or Loses The War The Nezi Find Something on The East Soon Later The Nezi Begging To Die By A Virus Later The Allies of WWII They Nuke The Hole East of Germeny, Flew Year Later A Man Name Nike Was Going Find The History Onley To Get Infinded By The Coren Virus (the coren virus is my virus I maid, the coren virus if you get infinded you get crazy and psyco and then you kill people then you pot a gasmake man suit that you kill people, but if his blood gets to your boodey then the blood will go to your skin and you get infinded, so that is the coren virus) Then A Group of Scence Take His Boody to London to Stande his Boode Later Nike Wike Up And Kill All The Grou And His Eyes There All Red Just The Color Red, Soon Later The Virus Is Splet All Over Europe But Now Is Going To New York, Later We Fellow Joe Anderson And His Friends Are In A FootBall Game Later A Group of Gasmakes People Are Attacking The City Now Joe And His Group Need To Survive.


Andrew Garfield as Joe Anderson, The Main Charcter

Imogen Poots as Allieson Johnson, Joe Love Intret

Haley Bennet as Molley Patrek, Allieson Best Friend

Keanu Reeves as James Anderson, Joe Father

Angelina Jolie as Jill Anderson, Joe Mouther

Max Charles as Jemmy

Sterling Jerins as Kelly, Jemmy Young Sister

Elisabeth Shue as Karen, Jemmy And Kelly Mouther

TBA as Bill, Jemmy And Kelly Father

Chris Zylka as Mark, Allieson Boyfriend and Joe Bolley

El Roth as Nike, Firt Man Get Infinded a Gasmakes Man

Quentin Tarantino as Victor, Aunter Infinded Gasmakes Man

Avan Jogia as TBA

Ashley Argota as TBA

Brenden Meyer as TBA

Larramie Doc Shaw as TBA

Glenn McCuen as TBA

Sheri Moon Zombie as TBA

Ariana Grande as TBA

Debby Ryan as TBA

Audrina Patridge as TBA

Amber Heard as TBA

Matt O Leary as TBA

Asley Greene as TBA

Chris Hemsworth as TBA

Sebastian Stan as TBA



Joe Anderson, Allieson Johnson, Jemmy, Kelly, Molley Patrek


(Tree Day Grance) "Riot"

(Tree Day Grance) "Animal I Have Become"

(Breaking Benjamin) " I Will Not Bow"

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