Circus of Sins ​is an American horror movie from 2015 written and directed by Jeff Thomas. The movie won the first prize at the "Fantasy Film Festival" in 2016. 


The woods of Cumberfield get lumbered in order to build a shopping mall. But surprisingly they find a mass grave. The amateur investigator Todd Hardesty tries to solve the mystery and finds out, that it has to do with a circus that burned down in the 90s.  


When the wood of Cumberfield gets lumbered to build a new shopping mall, the construction workers discover multiple bones and skeletons. The foreman Ripsky (Kevin McCarthy) calls the mayor Mr. Hartward (Michael Kalski) and his driver Jeffrey. Mr. Hartward informs the sheriff who talks to the CSI which edifies a provisional laboratory to investigate the murder.

Meanwhile, Todd Hardesty (Kane Hodder), an amateur investigator, also tries to solve the crime. He enters the scene of the crime at night but gets caught by Ripsky who tells him to never enter this place again without permission. After this Todd goes frustrated to his car and drives off. As Ripsky opens the door to his site hut, a dark dressed person comes out and mutilates his face and breaks his jaw with a wrench.

The next day, Sheriff Gumble finds his body and calls the forensics.



  • Kane Hodder as Todd Hardesty
  • Michael Kalski as Mayor Hartward
  • Kevin McCarthy as Ripsky
  • Bill Moseley as Sheriff Gumble
  • Tony Todd as Deputy Whaley
  • Adrianne Curry as Mrs. Silverock
  • Asia Argento as Dr. Francis Blankship


  1. Ripsky - Face mutilated and jaw broke by a wrench
  2. Sheriff Gumble - Head bashed in with a flashlight
  3. Jeffrey - Died in car crash
  4. Mayor Hartward - Bitten in the throat, died of blood-loss
  5. Dr. Francis Blankship - Stabbed repeatedly with sharp bones
  6. Deputy Whaley - Face slit with knife, tongue ripped out
  7. Mrs. Silverock - Shot in the head (suicide)


  • Todd Hardesty


Ending #1: Mrs. Silverock was the killer and took revenge for her sons which were killed when the circus burned down. Ending #2: The three sons of Mrs. Silverock came back from as demons and killed all people who found the mass grave.

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