Circle of Life is a opening song from Disney's 32 animated heroic feature film The Lion King. It is sung by an unknown singer probably Gary Oldman. The song appears in the beginning and the end of the movie. It appears in the musical and Kyle and Stan The Movie.




Act I

Act II

Kyle and Stan The Movie


When at school, Announcer introduces the audience and the stage should be starting. Then, a blackout with Kyle singing with blue background then orange when a sun rises up with the mist surrounding Kyle and his friends were calling and response the song. When Kyle is singing, all of the animals arrive in the assembly are adult elephant and the child, four zebras, gazelles, adult cheetah and its baby, giraffes, wildebeests, four rhinos, gemsboks, birds and hippos arriving in the stage to representing the circle of life.


After the defeat of Mufasa's brother Scar, Kyle is congratulated on stage by his friends Po, Remy, his mother, Stan, Cartman, Butters, Craig and Tweek along with Mufasa, Aladar and Shifu who give Kyle his medal as the little boy ascends on top of the rock that was dried in the rain after the fire was clean, as Kyle remembers Oogway's voices and Kyle calls out the crowds which celebrates the circle of life.

The assembly of animals that appear are slightly different from the beginning of the film with no gazelles, no gemsboks, no hippos, no adult cheetah; only the cub cheetah, one rhino instead of four and one giraffe instead of two. Only three of zebras from the beginning along with half of the wildebeests instead of three and two horses appear in the assembly of the crowd. Kida, Helga, Audrey, The bull; who chased Kyle earlier, Kyle's little brother Ike and The Great Prince along with Kerchak appears in the celebration of the circle of life. The song continues when the boys are singing when the animals and humans celebrating the circle of life.


  • One of the trailers, featurettes and tv spots for the movie had different scenes that was included in the movie.
  • In the soundtrack version, Stan sings while the Mayan man is singing in the background. But in the movie, both Kyle and Stan sing together.
  • The extended version of the soundtrack of the final song has the boys singing life is longer and the drumming, girls singing and a loud drumbeat was later included in the film, but with a small drumbeat.
  • When Kyle is singing, they are three rhinos in the crowd, in the final scene of the song, they are four rhinos in the choir.
  • The sun that rises appears in two scenes of the song.
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