Cipher Nedry
Cipher Nedry
Background information
Feature films Martin Tentacles: The Movie
Television programs Martin Tentacles
Video games
Park attractions
Portrayed by
Portrayed by
Voice Bill Hader
Performance model
Inspiration Mr. Burns
Honors and awards
Character information
Full name Cipher Nedry
Other names Pop
Personality Unscrupulous, corrupt, greedy, cruel, power-hungry, evil, cowardly, bitter, cunning, vain, abrasive, volatile, ambitious, negative, hot-headed, loathsome, selfish, impatient, narrow-minded, grouchy, failure-intolerant
Appearance Slender, elderly man, gray mustache and beard, a white sweater with a red bowtie, and green pants
Birthday TBA
Occupation TBA
Alignment Good, later Bad
Goal To separate the connection of monsters and humans from the cruise and destroy their reward (failed)
Home The Legacy
Relatives Ann (daughter)Chloe (sister)
Roward (son-in-law)
Allies Ann (formerly)
Minions Chloe (formerly)
Enemies Martin Tentacles, Ann, Gunther Banana, Little Brother
Likes Trying to destroy monsters, dancing, being wealthy, evil music, hunting, killing others, himself, classical musics
Dislikes Love, monsters, Martin, Y2K, rock musics, lower-class people, his daughter disobeying him
Powers and abilities Immortality, hunting skills, strength
Weapons Fighter plan
Fate Slipped off by the Kraken and falls off the cruise into the ocean.
Quote "A toast, to our family name! To the Nedry! (unison) To the Nedry!"

Cipher Nedry is the secondary antagonist of the 2019 animated film, Martin Tentacles: The Movie.



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Martin Tentacles: The Movie

He is the one who manipulates every lawyers to build a luxury Monster Cruise Ship and banishes all the monsters in Earth, leading them to death.

Cipher tricks Martin into saving Ann from the evil Kraken. When Martin finally defeats the Kraken, Cipher congrulates him and gives him a reward. After Ann leaves in joy, Martin is shocked that Gunther warns him that his grandmother is actually a monster hunter and the Kraken is actually a ghost. Martin enters back to the mansion, furiously, Cipher reveals his evil scheme on him. When Ann attempts to apologize, Martin refuses this offer and sadly dumps him, while her father silences her with using a bell. Cipher laughs evily and reminds of Martin and - his anger - to enjoy the party on the cruise that the last time that Martin and his human race will ever come.

During the party on the cruise, Cipher arrives in Atlantis and comes to end the party by shoving away the DJ that plays a magical piece that hypnotizes a friendly Kraken that lives near the island into destroying everything. Then, Ann, couldn't bear to watch Martin get hurt, saves him, as Cipher proves to be a coward, and instead to save the guests, ran into the panic room.

Once Nancy had killed several monsters, it planned to destroy the ship down killing everyone. However, Ann (having received renewed confidence from Martin) decided to go against her family's legacy by breaking the curse. However Cipher was watching the scene from a trap door, and emerged to order his daughter to leave the gates closed and join them in the panic room (he also reveals his plan to kill and eat the family butler if their food ran out before the ghost left). However finally standing up to her psychologically abusive father Ann opened the gates, letting the common people in and breaking the curse. This undid the ghost's damage and saved everyone. However, Cipher's only response was narrow-minded shock and terror that the common folk were invading his party, but later slips into a deep crack caused by the Kraken, and falls off the cruise ship into the ocean to his apparent death.


Cipher enjoys being wealthy and takes pride in being a founder of the cruise, whom he rigged the system. Though it first appears that he is overprotective and snobbish as his daughter, Cipher is revealed to be unmerciful and callous man who sees anyone of the lower class as simply tools. He also doesn't truly care for the fellow rich that much either, being willing to leave them to death, as shown when he tries to persuade Ann from opening the gates to their party rather than breaking the curse, as well as abusive to Ann, and simply sees her as a tool, all merely to preserve the Nedry family name.

He goes to extreme lengths to accomplish this goal, even prolonging his life to see an end to the human race.


Cipher is a elderly man, wearing a white sweater with a red bowtie and brown pants.



  • Cipher's nature as the true antagonist is foreshadowed by the fact that she has Roward's phone number as a sticky note on her phone.
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