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Cinderella is the seventh episode of Splash and Bubbles Super Why!.


Dunk is having trouble fitting in at Maury's prince costume party. The Reeftown Rangers fly into the book Cinderella.


Bubbles: Hi. I'm so glad you're here. It's me, Bubbles. Welcome to Reeftown, where all of our saltwater friends live.

Suddenly, her phone rang.

Bubbles: It looks like Dunk is upset. Let's go see what's wrong.


Bubbles: Hi, Dunk. What's wrong?

Dunk was going through his collection of treasures that had fallen from above the surface and that were scavenged by dragonet fish, which included several clothes.

Dunk: Ratfish, ratfish, ratfish! I need a prince crown, a prince robe, and a prince staff.

Bubbles: Why?

Dunk: I was invited to Maury's prince costume party. Everybody wears prince costumes scavenged by the dragonet fish like you who can go onto the land, but I don't have any.

Bubbles: This is a super big problem. And a super big problem needs us, the Reeftown Rangers. We need to call the rest of the Reeftown Rangers. Call them with me. Say "calling all Reeftown Rangers!" To the book club!

She calls the rest of them and swims to the book club.

Bubbles: Together, we will solve Dunk's problem.

They head inside the book club as Dunk swims up to the podium.

Bubbles: Okay, Dunk. State your problem.

Dunk: Maury invited me to his prince costume party, but I don't have anything to wear. I won't fit in. What should I do?

Bubbles: Good question. And when we have a question, we look...

All: In a book!

Splash: Which book should we look in?

Dunk swam up and pulled down the book Cinderella.

Bubbles: Let's read the title of this book. Cinderella. We know what we need to do. We need to jump into this book, and find the answer to Dunk's question. It's time to transform. Ready?

All: Ready!

Bubbles: Fins in. Put your fin in.

Everybody puts their fins/tail in.

Bubbles: Reeftown Rangers...

All: To the rescue!

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