Cinco 2: The American is a american-filipino suspense supernatural horror film it featuring Bella Sana, Justin Bieber, Lady Gaga, Pokwang, Katie Silverman, Mariana Hill, Greg DeLisble and Christopher Judge with Zanjoe Marudo directer by various directors. they are 3 horror stories

a sequel to Cinco (Five)


a four mysteries horror stories



a three little girl are in haunted mansion and get killed by a mysterious ghost

Lady Gaga as Girl


a carnival woman make a love potion and drink that man who not love her and drink for her and stab by his enemy and turn her into a decomping zombie and the carnival woman run and chased by the man and partly cut her hand and her hand is alive and popped her eyes

Greg DeLisble as Julia

Pokwang as Emily

Zanjoe Marudo as Alvis

Mariana Hill as Witch Julia Grandma

Bella Sana as Jill


a bellybutton that make a haunted blood and eating someone

Katie Sliverman as Naniel


a woman who tries to kill James and haunted her forever

Chrisptoher Judge as James

Katie Silverman (Adult Now) as Fries

Bella Sana as Fries Daughter



  • Julia- killed by elvis
  • Elvis- killed by julia
  • Julia- killed by elvis
  • Witch Emily Grandma- killed by elvis
  • Elvis- killed by Julia


  • Fried Daughter- killed by James
  • James- killed by Fried Friends
  • Fried Friend-killed by James
  • Fried- get haunt by James


  • Anyone in the hotel-get eaten by the blood
  • The Blood and Naniel-Naniel killed his itself


  • Girly best friend- killed by a ghost
  • The Ghost- killed by Girl
  • Girl-killed by the Ghost

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