Cillian and Lorcan is the 4-Parter Mini Series about two Identical Twins got seperated on their third birthday.


Cillian and Lorcan are identical twin brothers who seperated on their third birthday and then twelve years later, They've reunited. Now The Twins have their adventure by solving a case of the same woman that Cillian meets.

Episode 1: Welcome to the Goldmare Village

Episode 2: No Going Back

  • This is the final appearances of Marylin, Pixie Corpse, Reaper in the Mini-Series.
  • This is the first appearances of Cillian and Lorcan's secret sibling named Lilly Darcy who's their triplet sister.

Episode 3: Welcome to Waterloo Road

  • This is Walter the Softy's first appearances as the Main Antagonist of the Series.

Episode 4: Time of Cillian Darcy

In this Serial Finale, Cillian's at Lorcan's funeral after he died from honor to save their little sister Deathic from dying, and Everyone starting to blame him even Kristine and her friends. 

  • This Marks, Cillian finally discovered the truth about the same Girl known as Clara, Victorian Clara, Jasmine Thomas, Lindsay James, Mrs Goldmare, Annie Desmond, Lydia, Susan and Rosie after when he going to die.
  • This final Episode marks Lorcan, Deathic, Kristine, Matt, Jen, Emma and Steven's final appearances of the Mini Series. 
  • This marks Cillian final main appearances of the mini series before his thirteenth and final regeneration in the film.


The Mini Series is confirmed that it has a Film known as Fours Beyond Time: 4 versus Animatronics for the Future.

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