Yes... The Revenge Plan on the Simpsons!
~ The Leader said his first lines at the ending of the film

Cillian Darcy Beyond: Joy of Sect - Part One
Directed by
Produced by
Written by CLTwins15
Starring Daniel Radcliffe
Danielle Harris
Sarah Rayson
Isabel Clifton
Eva Pope
Music by
Editing by
Production company(s)
Release date(s)
Running time 65 minutes
Gross revenue
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Cillian Darcy Beyond: Joy of Sect - Part One is a live-action/animated drama sci-fi adventure british/american film. It is the first of two cinematic parts of Cillian Darcy Beyond: Joy of Sect.


The film begins where Lorcan travels back in time where he sent to the past ever since his brother Cillian and his sister Lilly died. Lorcan felt in mourning after their death and vow to rescue his friend before his powers.

On the arrival, Lorcan arrived into the Foundling Hospital and saw the Foundlings working in the hospital. He saw Floss dressed as a maid (similar to Carmen's uniform in A Day in the Country) with a young girl talking to her. Floss learns from the girl, named Hetty Feather, that she is in The Foundling Hospital. Floss tries to tell Hetty that she needs to contact Mike, but Hetty misunderstands her, not knowing what a mobile phone is. Hetty then tries to get Floss to wash the floor, handing her a bucket of water. Floss takes the bucket, but not before removing her bonnet (which is akin to removing a part of your school uniform) and leaving it with Hetty.

Downstairs, Floss encounters Sheila and one of her friends. Sheila kicks Floss's bucket, spilling water, and her friend taunts her that she will not be a good servant. Floss, however, stands up to Sheila and her friend, saying that she wants to be Prime Minister, which the girls find incredulous on account that Floss is a girl. They are interrupted by the Hospital's Matron, prompting Sheila and her friend to scarper, but not before Sheila demands a tofee off Floss. Matron tells off Floss for kicking the bucket and demands to know where her bonnet is. Floss defies Matron, but gets threatened with being thrown in the cellar. Luckily, Hetty arrives in the nick of time, distracts Matron and allows Floss to escape.

The girls and Lorcan meet up in the courtyard where Hetty gives Floss her bonnet in the event Matron finds her. Floss asks Hetty why she is being so nice, given Floss's earlier behaviour, to which Hetty replies that friends are all everyone has in the Hospital and tells Floss to look after her friends, as they are her family. She then leads Floss away to a flight of steps, where Floss falls asleep, Lorcan carries her to escape to the present time in the Country-Side in America.

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