Cillian Darcy 2: Revenge of Ralph Mellor
Cillian Darcy (s) Eighth Cillian Darcy
Companion (s) Marley, Flick, Rachel, Eddie, Kim, Lorcan, Lilly, Eion
Featuring Seventh 1/2 Cillian Darcy, Bolton, Paul,Michelle, Sambuca, Denzil, Deathic, Boz, Melanie, Emily, Victor, The Eleventh Doctor
Main Enemy Ralph Mellor, Earl Kelly, Stuart Hordley
Setting Waterloo Road Comprehensive Rochdale England 2008
New York City 2900 AD
Running Time 170 Minutes

Cillian Darcy 2: Revenge of Ralph Mellor is the Sequel of Cillian Darcy (Film).                                   


In the year 2007, Waterloo Road Comprehensive was almost destroyed by the fire and a year later it rebuilt, the Kelly kids and the Mellors start the school, there was the gunshot by a boy named Denzil who's in jail for a while.

In the TARDIS, Cillian's taking Lorcan, Lilly and Deathic on an holiday for the nearing end of his seventh life and begin his eighth life, Lilly's very happy that he's regenerations are up to fourteen. 

During the trip to Halergan Three aka their holiday, Lilly's reading Jules Verne's Around the World in Eighty Days and listening to a torch singer on an old gramophone - which at one point skips on the word "Time" until thumped back into shape. The box containing the Mysterious void remains shakes violently and breaks open allowing a sentient ooze to escape from it. The ooze enters the TARDIS controls and forces an emergency landing in Rochdale England 2008.

At the end of the School Year of Waterloo Road, the Spelling Bee Competition's over after the school won, a Man named Staurt Hordley reveals Rachel Mason's past as a prosititute right before the TARDIS materalise in front of everyone and Lorcan, Lilly and Deathic run out of the TARDIS which Rachel knows Lilly as Cillian's Half-Sister but then, Cillian walked out last and Stuart accidentally shot him in his heart. Rachel tells everyone to get back to class.

On the ride to the hospital, Lilly feeling worried that her half brother will die and regenerate but Rachel tells her that he only has seven lives, Lilly told her that his lives are now double. The surgeons find, through X-rays, that Cillian has two hearts, but they assume the X-ray image is a double exposure. They put Cillian under pain drugs while they remove the bullets from his right shoulder and left leg before calling in a cardiologist. As cardiologist Lilly knows how to be a cardiologist and starts to operate with a cardiac probe, Cillian wakes up, tries to prevent the operation by explaining his non-terrestrial origins and tells his own half sister that he needs a beryllium atomic clock, but he is quickly put under anaesthetic and passes out once again. Cillian's anatomy confuses Rachel, who accidentally damages his circulatory system with a probe, killing him. Cillian is declared dead. Rachel felt bad and take his possessions. 

At night, Ralph's escaped from jail with a help from Earl Kelly who said the Words, "Cillian Darcy and Eion Moore, tomorrow we will have your lives". Back at the Halls, Rachel looked at his possessions and his TARDIS right before she heard the news that both Ralph and Earl have escaped but then Lorcan and Lilly run to the Halls and turned on the Cameras in the hospital.

Back at the Hospital, Cillian begins to regenerate into his eighth body which now his first female incarnation shocking Lorcan and Lilly that he now regenerated into a girl. The boys smiles at the newly female Cillian. Lorcan wolf whistle at her but Lilly covers his mouth because she's still their half brother.

Cillian walked and founded out that he's now a girl in fear

In Peach Creek, Tuesday January 16th 2014 at 21:00pm, Ed, Edd n Eddy were investigating about the Blue Box (which is Cillian's TARDIS).


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