Chupacabra Resort is a 2013 SyFy Channel original movie.


The Golden Beach Resort in Puerto Rico is one of the largest and most popular tourist destinations in the U.S. and frequently boasts hundreds of tourists, but what the guests of the resort do not know is what is in the nearby jungles...

On a hike through the jungle, several scientists discover real, actual Chupacabras that wound and kill several members of their group. Fleeing the jungle, they try to warn the owner of the resort and the various tourists of the pending danger, but no one believes them...

...until it is too late.


  • Vernon Wells as Dr. Pat Hart (The lead scientist)
  • Danica McKellar as Andrea Hart (Dr. Hart's daughter who works at the resort)
  • Eric Scott Woods as Dr. Steve Hondl (One of Dr. Hart's assistants)
  • Jeffrey DeMunn as Louis Dunnigan (The stubborn owner of the resort)
  • Shandi Finnessey as Tracie Dunnigan (Louis' young wife)
  • Dominika Wolski as Dr. Wendy Stone (One of Dr. Hart's assistants)
  • Chris Strohm as Dr. Kenneth Harris (One of Dr. Hart's assistants)
  • Anthony rogers as Brad Warrick (A resort worker and Andrea's love interest)
  • TBA as Dr. Todd Xander (One of Dr. Hart's assistants)
  • TBA as Dr. Amanda Grafton (One of Dr. Hart's assistants)
  • TBA as Roger Lewston (A resort worker)


Dr. Steve Hondl - Decapitated by a Chupacabra when it ambushes him in the jungle.

Young Husband - Mauled by two Chupacabras while hiking with his wife.

Young Wife - Throat ripped out by a Chupacabra while trying to hide.

Dr. Amanda Grafton - Mauled by a Chupacabra while running from it.

Dr. Kenneth Harris - Mauled by a Chupacabra after it pulls him out of the Jeep he is driving.

Teenage Girl - Mauled by a Chupacabra while swimming.

Teenage Girl's Father - Mauled by a Chupacabra while trying to save his daughter.

Chupacabra #1 - Stabbed to death with a machete by Dr. Stone.

15-25 Tourists & Resort Workers - Killed by Chupacabras when they attack the resort.

Tracie Dunnigan - Mauled by a Chupacabra after it pulls her out of a window.

Dr. Todd Xander, Teenage Girl's Mother, & Chupacabra #2 - Incinerated when the Chupacabra attacks the car they are in and causes it to lose control and drive into a gas station.

5-10 Police Officers - Killed by Chupacabras.

Chupacabra #3 - Shot to death by surviving officers.

Roger Lewston - Mauled by a Chupacabra while trying to make a stand.

Dr. Wendy Stone - Mauled (off-screen) by a Chupacabra when it ambushes her in the bathroom.

Louis Dunnigan - Ripped in half by two Chupacabras while trying to hide in a bungalow.

Dr. Pat Hart & Remaining Chupacabras - Incinerated when the resort is firebombed.


Andrea Hart

Brad Warrick

8 Other Tourists

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