Chupacabras is a 2015 Mexican Film will be directed Guillermo del Toro Starring Selena Gomez,Sara Paxton,Camilla Belle,Vanessa Hudgens,Alexa Vega,Dove Cameron,Martha Hingadera,Eiza Gonzales,Carlos Pena,Diego Boneta,Emma Roberts,Nicholas D'agosto,Mary Elizabeth Wistead and Jennifer Carpenter



Selena Gomez As Aura Del Toro

Sara Paxton As Melinda Chavez

Camilla Belle As Susana Gonzales

Vanessa Hudgens As Demi Sousa

Alexa Vega As Zafrina Vega

Dove Cameron As Mia Chavez

Martha Hingadera As Vanessa Del Toro

Eiza Gonzales As Karla

Carlos Pena As Mario

Diego Boneta As Juan

Emma Roberts As Spencer Michele

Nicholas D'agosto As Drake

Mary Elizabeth Wistead As Wendy

Jennifer Carpenter As Mrs Alexis Penski

Rodrigo Santoro As Calvin

Gael Garcia Bernal As Dom

Chris Zylka As Gringo tourist

Emma Bell As Gringa tourist


Gringo Tourist-the chupacabras rips a piece neck and dies from blood loss

Gringa Tourist-devoured by the chupacabras as she mourns the death of her boyfriend

Mrs.Alexis Penski-eyes ripped by chupacabras

Calvin-torn chest by chupacabras

Dom-face ripped by chupacabras

Juan-pulled by the window

Karla-half of the bit body and pulled

Mario-Breast devoured by the chupacabras

Wendy-dismembered by a chupacabra

Drake-severed head by the chupacabras

Zafrina Vega-impaled in the eye by chupacabras

Demi Sousa-devoured by the chupacabras

Susana Gonzales-she falls into the lake but it is unknown if it is attacked or murdered

Chupacabra-shotgun shots with aura and melinda ripped chest with a scythe by spencer and beheaded by aura and vanessa


Aura Del Toro,Melinda Chavez,Mia Chavez,Vanessa Del Toro and Spencer Michele

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