Chucky Vs. Eyeless Jack Vs. Jeff the Killer is a 2015 American crossover horror slasher film produced by Universal 1440 Entertainment, about a battle between the namesake characters from two other film series, Child's Play and Creepypasta. The film was released October 12, 2015 on the Universal 1440 Entertainment as streaming video, with wider release November 29, 2015.


After Chucky and Jeff the Killer's battle, the two were destroyed, but now they're back, and Chucky wants revenge on the glasgow smile killer, when reporter Harry Summertucker encounters them, he is terrified, but then he finds an abandoned school, where Eyeless Jack comes to rip his eyes out and kill him, but he makes a deal with Eyeless Jack, to rip out Chucky and Jeff the Killer's eyes in exchange for his own, Eyeless Jack accepts his deal, and the three way battle of terror begins, can Chucky or Jeff the Killer be victorious, or will Eyeless Jack destroy them both?


  • Brad Dourif as the voice of Chucky
  • Jeffrey Combs as Eyeless Jack
  • Patrick Wilson as Jeff the Killer
  • Daniel Radcliffe as Harry Summertucker


  • Directed by Ronny Yu and Tom Holland
  • Produced by Tom Holland
  • Executive Producers Mark Swift and Damian Shannon
  • Based on characters created by Don Mancini (Chucky, Child's Play) and Eric Knudsen (Eyeless Jack and Jeff the Killer, Creepypasta).


After the sucess of the first film Chucky Vs. Jeff the Killer, fans were begging for a sequel, but they wanted a third villain, Eyeless Jack was chosen because he was a popular creepypasta, and he was originally going to be in the film, but was cut out since the editors thought it was not a good way to end the film, however, in 2011, Creepypasta agreed that a new creepypasta should be in the battle, and the film came to production.


  • This will be the first horror film crossover to feature Eyeless Jack.
  • This is the first crossover sequel to not feature any of the main protagonists from the previous film.
  • Eyeless Jack was originally going to appear in Chucky Vs. Jeff the Killer.
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