Darth Grievous's Chrysalis

Darth Grievous cocooned in a chrysalis for attempting to take off his cape or his sombrero

A Chrysalis is an evil type of cocoon that is often used to transform things into monsters with the evilifier virus. Once wrapped in a Chrysalis the victim cannot escape, the victim get covered by dark energies as the victim starts its dark transformation into a monster(usually draining the victims soul during their transformation and also boast their evil side) and after hatching these victims become cape wearing monsters. Most humans that emerges from the chrysalis become kaleesh/human hybrids or skeleton soldiers. The victim gets wrapped into a cocoon by the following things: Sith Plants wrap the victims up in vines, arachnid like creatures web them or insect like Creatures spray gooey slimy substances on victims which then the slimy sticky goo will cover and wrap up the target so fast that the victim inside will try to get out but cannot and then dark spores made the target rest and fall asleep until he or she is reborned as a monster.


Young Chrysalis

Mature Chrysalis

Dragon Chrysalis

Monster Chrysalis

Darth Grievous's Chrysalis (Often used to seal Darth Grievous in one if he tries to remove his indestructable cape or his oversized sombrero and while in the Chrysalis the Chrysalis makes him more evilier and boasts his evil personality. Also used on Darth Grievous when he dies in combat by wrapping his corpse in one and he gets revived from the dead later on)

Evil Cocoon (Used to turn transformers evil like Shockwave)

Zombie Cocoon (Used to turn creatures into zombies)

Lich Cocoon (Used to Turns Necromancer Sith lords into liches)

Dark Chrysalis

Sombrero Cocoon (Often used to turn victims into cape wearing monsters that wore giant sombreros. Looks like a Chrysalis wearing a sombrero and only seen in Dark Future and near the end of the Transformers Wars)

Sith Cocoon (Used to Turns Jedi into sith lords)

Demon chrysalis

Death Trooper Cocoon (Use to turn captured jedi or galactic alliance troopers into Death Troopers)


Prisoner being sealed in a cocoon

The steps on how the evil forces capture and transform their prisoners: Step one: Hidious creatures spat gooey things on the victim: Step 2: It wraps them up into a cocoon: Step 3: The gooey thing keeps wrapping the victim until he or she cannot escape the cocoon.

The Cape Wearing Ghost of Grievous wrapped a Robot that is wearing his cloak and resembling Grievous in a Chrysalis by spatting a strange gooey substance on him which covered the bot quickly and then wrap him in a web-like chrysalis. It later hatched into a cape wearing monster named Darth Grievous. Darth Grievous made a loud dragon like roar then an evil laugh as he emerges from the Darkness from his Chrysalis while being covered in a dark aura and his big cape blows in the wind. A gigantic purple dark sombrero land on Darth Grievous's head and stayed attached to his head and made the Sith lord more powerful than before and give him mind powers but at the cost of turning him evil.

If he tries to take off his enormous sombrero or his gigantic cape he will be wrapped up and sealed in a chrysalis for a month by his own dark powers.

Many kaleesh warlords wanted to join the legion so they got placed in cocoons and hatched into cape wearing villains.

The Chrysalis can transform Jedi into Sith warriors.

The Chrysalis is also used to turn the captured Galactic Alliance Soldiers and Jedi into cape wearing(not to mention kaleesh/human hybrid, Sith/Human Hybrid or part kaleesh, part sith part human creatures) Death Troopers.

The Chrysalis can reborn evil people like Gibbs, Tal Merrik, Pre Vizsla, Ivan Radek and the other Ivan Korshunov into monsterous cape wearing Sith Transformers.

The Chrysalis can also turn Transformers and other living creatures into evil monsters like Shockwave who was wrapped in a chrysalis resting and preparing to be reborn into a Cape wearing Sith Transformer. As Shockwave emerges from the darkness from his chrysalis he swore loyalty to Darth Grievous with his cape blowing in the wind.

Darth Grievous often rest in a Chrysalis to heal the damage done to him and gets stronger. While in the Chrysalis his Chrysalis is often Guarded by Magnaguards and elite sith warriors. Darth Grievous sleeps in the largest chrysalis in the galaxy.

Almecs ghost was wrapped and sealed away in a chrysalis before darth grievous was born and Darth grievous freed him by using his Sith sorccery to transform him into a cape wearing demon general that leads the Kaleesh Human Hybrids.

The chrysalis can also heal the warriors of the legion. When someone lost his/her legs or arms in battle the chrysalis will heal the crippled and wounded within 3 days. It regenerates the arms or legs lost in battle with clawed legs and clawed claws. One example was a Death Trooper had replaced his lost right arm with a Kaleesh claw.

The Chrysalis is also known to mutate some human soldiers into becoming undead zombies and skeleton soldiers due to the chrysalis removes their organic body parts and leave only their bones controlled by the dark side and wore scary armor.

Every time a demon general fails Darth Grievous the demon general that fails his Dark Sombrero lord gets imprisoned in a chrysalis for a long month as a punishmient.

Every time Darth Grievous dies his corpse gets wrapped in a chrysalis and after a few seconds Darth Grievous emerges from the chrysalis revived from the dead.

In Dark Future after the transformers, Jedi and the good guys are extinct Darth Grievous used chrysalises and cocoons to transform all life in the universe into evil monsters that serve the evil Darth Grievous.

Transformers: Aerialbots

Darth Grievous was transformed by the dark powers of the Chrysalis and then Darth Grievous use the Chrysalis method to transform most of his enemies into his evil warriors that served evil. Chrysalises cannot transform any transformers to his evil will so Darth Grievous's legion of evil has to make the transformers extinct due to that. Darth Grievous also often cocoons his Jedi victims to transform them into his sith lord minions.

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