Chronicle Of Carrie

At last.....they meet...

Chronicle Of Carrie is an 2020 supernatural drama/psychological thriller film which is a crossover between the 2012 film "Chronicle" and the 2013 remake film "Carrie" and is the sequel to Carrie: Freedom. The film will be directed by Brian De Palma and produced this time by the director behind "Chronicle", Josh Trank. Despite the fact that the script wasn't Josh's idea of a sequel to the well-received low budget film, Josh took the job at producing the film. Sony will distribute the film again as well as Summit Entertainment producing it again. The film will feature Chloë Grace Moretz once again as the main titular character. It will also feature Dane Dehaan, Taylor Lautner, Miles Teller, Gabriella Wilde, Odeya Rush, Alex Russell, Portia Doubleday, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Kyle Massey and Aubrey Anderson-Emmons. Brian De Palma announced that a fifth Carrie film was being made after Carrie: Freedom's release. While some fans weren't enthusiastic upon hearing a crossover between two well-received original films, the official trailer of the film was enough to make up for all of that. The film was released in May of 2020.


It's summer time once again for Carrie (Chloë Grace Moretz), Sean (Taylor Lautner) and the family. The fun gets interrupted when the infamous Andrew Detmer (Dane DeHaan) who, by some miracle, has risen from his grave. He immediately starts wreaking up the town until Carrie confronts him. And it doesn't take long for him to sense out that she has abilities similar to his. Pressure continues to mount as Carrie loses Raymond's (Miles Teller) trust and costs Sue (Gabriella Wilde) her life. But it isn't until a familiar threat re-emerges that forces her and her family to resort to another deadly and violent confrontation.


  • Chloë Grace Moretz as Carrie White - The former shy, telekinetic teen who is Rachel Lang's sister, Sean Ford's wife, Sue Snell's best friend and the one who snapped at the Ewen High massacre.
  • Dane Dehaan as Andrew Detmer - A former bullied teen turned adult from Seattle who went on a massive murder-spree back in 2012 and is now resurrected.
  • Taylor Lautner as Sean Ford - Carrie White's husband, Raymond Ford's brother and a personal encourager whenever anyone gets down.
  • Miles Teller as Raymond Ford - Sean's younger brother, and Rachel Lang's boyfriend.
  • Gabriella Wilde as Sue Snell - Carrie's best friend and Little Carrie's mother. She's also one of the few survivors of Carrie's rampage back in Maine.
  • Odeya Rush as Rachel Lang - Carrie's sister, Raymond's fiance and another telekinetic to stay away from.
  • Alex Russell as Matt Garttey - Andrew's cousin and now searches for any paranormal activity in hopes of
  • Portia Doubleday as Chris Hargensen - Carrie's arch-nemesis and is also resurrected and rose from the dead.
  • Amy Jo Johnson as Detective Vanessa Daniels - Sue Snell's cousin and a deputy detective at the Florida Police Department.
  • John Boyega as Arnold Thomas - One of the few people who witnessed Rachels rampage and also one of Rachels friends.
  • Aubrey Anderson-Emmons as Little Carrie - Sue's daughter


Matt Garetty (Alex Russel) is up late on his laptop, going over research.

Matt: Come on......

He has a built in-satellite orbiting the planet and he's searching for others like him

But the satellite kept showing:

Satellite: No results found

Matt: Arghhhh. I know I did something right. I just know it. There's gotta be something I can do to ma--ma---

Because he was so tired, he fell asleep.

But then the satellite popped on screen and this time it said:

Satellite: 2 results found.

This woke Matt up slowly but surely.

Matt: Hope this is it. Ah ha!

The laptop showed him the footage of Carrie and Rachel fighting at the Ewen High Ruins

Matt: Incredible. They have the same powers as......Oh yeah. Yeah! I think I found it.

He looked up their names, but what he didn't realize was that the connections to that video were erased.

Matt: Can't be right. There's no reason why the connection should be acting up. This has high quality wi-fi.....wee-fee...whatever they call it.

He kept trying it over and over again, but still nothin'.

He at least looked up where the event took place and got a hit. In that instance, he knew what he had to do next.

Matt: Bruno! Come here, boy. We're going on a field trip.

Bruno (his dog) soon followed him out the door.

And then....

~Title sequence~

At Palm Beach, Carrie (Chloë Grace Moretz) and Sean (Taylor Lautner) were playing frisbee. Later, he chased her and they were laughing and he grabbed her from behind. She giggled and he spun her around.

Carrie: *Laughs* Let me go! Sean!

Sean: Make me! 

Raymond (Miles Teller) was on his grill nodding at them

Raymond: Man, are those two for real?

Rachel (Odeya Rush): *Imitates Carrie* "Oh Sean you take my very breath away!"

Raymond: Imitates Sean "Oh Carrie you are my whole world."

They laughed and Sue nodded at them

Sue (Gabriella Wilde): I swear YOU two act like you're younger than my daughter.

Rachel: What's wrong with having fun every now and then?

Sue: I know that. That's not the point.

Raymond: You think we're being mean?

Sue: I'm not saying that you are, but I think y'all a little jealous.

Rachel: chuckles Nope..... not gonna say it----no....

Sue: Come on. It's ok to be like that, you know.

Rachel sighed.

Raymond: A'ight. You got us. Just that Rachel and I try to be happy like Sean and Carrie but.....

Rachel: I hardly know how to be. After everything I been through.

Raymond: What we've ALL been through. I mean, sometimes I feel like we're the Scooby gang; only the monsters aren't guys in masks, they're real.

Sue: Well, those "killers" were people in masks.

Raymond: Those zombies from Halloween weren't. But that's not the point.

Sue: Then what is?

Rachel: The point is we can't live like this.....if crazy stuff keeps happening to us. I can't help but feel like it's happening just cause me and my sister exist.

She then looks over and sees Sean and Carrie enjoying themselves.

Rachel: I'll be in the car. Don't bother.

Raymond: Woah. Don't bother what? Hey!

Rachel ignored him.

Ray just sighed.

Then it cuts to Sean's house. Sue was back home and Carrie was knitting together some outfits.

Carrie: humming

Sean was cooking dinner in the kitchen and was watching a football game on the small TV on the counter and when a player of the Florida Gators was running for the touchdown, Sean got excited

Sean: Yeah yeah come on! Come on! Get the run down!

He doesn't make it.

Sean: Oh dammit!

He sighed and stirred the nettles and Raymond came down

Sean: Hey, Ray.

Raymond didn't say anything and he sat on the couch across from Carrie, watching the game from the living room TV. Carrie noticed and looked worried.

Carrie: Ray? What's wrong?

Raymond: Huh? Oh, nothing just.....There. Points at the T.V  Harold (Last name of one of the players) just isn't what he used to be.

Carrie: Hmm. I don't know much about foot ball but you and Sean go nuts about it like it's war.

Raymond: Yeah, it's very common for most people.

Carrie: You sure nothing's wrong?  

Raymond: Yah. There's not much to discuss about anyways.

Sean: Well, where's Rachel?

He just points upstairs.

Carrie: *sighs* I'll see what I can do. Come on, babe.

So Sean turned off the stove and followed her upstairs.

Sean: Make sure you keep score for me.

Raymond: Forget about it. I'm not really in the mood for football today.

So Sean slowly went upstairs and as soon as he left, Ray looked at the game.

Raymond: There ya go! Come on! Move, move, move! *crosses his fingers* Awww COME ON! Where's the flag, ref?!

Meanwhile, Sean and Carrie try to find Rachel who's hiding (again).

Sean: Rachel? Where you hiding?

Carrie: Sis, come on. There's nothing wrong with--

They then heard a door creak and they turned around to see a closet.

Sean: Seriously?

Carrie: I know, I got it. *towards the closet* Rach, you can't hide in there forever. Come on out.

Rachel: *Under the bed* Go away.

Carrie: Rachel? *Knees down* what's the matter? Are you alright?

Rachel: I'm fine.

Carrie: You don't sound fine to me. Now why don't you come out from under there and let's talk?

Rachel: Never.

Carrie: Aww, come on sis. No one's gonna hurt you.

Sean: Yeah. Whatever it is we won't judge you.

Rachel sighed and climb out from under the bed and Carrie sat with her hand

Carrie: Tell me what's bothering you.

Rachel: How can you live with it, Carrie?

Sean: Pardon me?

Rachel: *sighs* The reality that she's been alienated and tossed aside all her life. The fact that she let her emotions get the best of her and that she killed people.

Carrie: How do I live it with it?

Rachel: Yeah.....

Carrie: I don't know . And I can't answer that. If I knew, I'd write a book.

Sean: Oh now that you mention it.....

Carrie: Babe.....please let the ladies finish our conversation.

Sean held up his hands, backed up and closed the door.

Rachel: *sniffling* I can't keep living like this. I should be doing something good after all the evil I've caused. What more could you possibly ask for?

Carrie: I'd pray.

Rachel: How will that help? My life has been pain since the day I was born.

Carrie: Same with me.

Rachel just looked at her stunned.

Rachel: You kidding, right?

Carrie: *chuckles* I wish I was. But no. When I was born my mom had me under this belief that God would condemn me if I would not live under his name, but back then I didn't realize that you still live your life and be under his name till Tommy Ross asked me to prom.

Rachel: But when he did, that's when......

Carrie: I know, but that wasn't Tommy's fault. Nor Sue's. But things got better when I found Sean. I figured it did for you when you found Raymond.

Rachel: Well, that's the thing. He wants a normal life and I can't give that to him cause of my powers, my past and anything that happens to us. When I try to tell him....I try but he....he shuts me out. If only Daddy was here.....

Carrie just leans her head on Rachel. 

Then it cuts to a graveyard early the next morning where a mysterious black cloud rises over the sky and it starts to storm and rain.

Then, a powerful being slowly emerged from the gravesite.

Andrew Detmer (Dane Dehaan) rose from his grave like Carrie did. He can't remember much after the night he was killed by the spear from the statue. He soon limbered around and a man saw him.

Man: Oh my god....hey kid you ok?

Andrew looked over and grabbed him by the neck with his powers and twisted his neck. He then took his clothes and left his old ones behind, but the force of his power had awakened someone else. We move to a tombstone saying, "Here lies Chris Hargensen: 1996 - 2016" and her hand burst out too.

He continues to walk until he falls in the middle of the street 'and a truck comes in his direction.

He got up and screamed which caused the truck to get crushed in mid-air, fly over him and crash a couple of buildings. (Yeah, he's in the city.)

People started screaming and going hysterical. And this caused Detective Vanessa Daniels (Amy Jo Johnson) to answer the call.

Andrew: *roar of power*

His scream echoed through out the city as much sirens were. Over on the other side of town, Carrie got out the shower and dressed and had a phone call she answered

Carrie: Hello?

Sue: Hey, did you check out the news?

Carrie: No, I just got up. What's happening?

Sue: Turn to channel 55.

And she took the remote and turned it to that channel.

News reporter: *frantic* We have currently have an unidentified male wreaking havoc over in Wellington. Cops are currently trying to to take control of the situation but clearly it is not enough. There isn't much left to say other then--

He was cut off by a side of a building being torn off and collapsing the news reporter and cameraman at the same time.

Then Andrew flew over, picked up the camera and crushed it completely.

Carrie didn't need to think twice on what he had to do.

She got herself dress appropriate (for battle) and flew out without anyone in the house noticing.

Andrew made his escape on a roof top and destroying many police cars and swat vans, sniper helicopters and then Carrie appeared behind him.

Carrie: HOLD IT!!!!!

Andrew looked over seeing Carrie confronting him but she then begin reading his mind and gasped for she remembered the name.

Andrew: If you know what's good for you, girl, you'll stay away from me.

Carrie: You're Andrew Detmer. But you're supposed to be dead.

Andrew: *scoffs* Funny that you know who I am, but I don't know who you are. Frankly, I don't give a sh**!

Andrew attempted to choke her with his powers, but Carrie blocked him with hers and it stunned him.

Andrew: How'd you do that?

Carrie said nothing.

It didn't take Andrew long to realize it.

Andrew: have them as well.

Carrie: Only difference: I've had them since birth.

Andrew: In that case, we have a very interesting duel about to erupt here.

Vanessa: Freeze! Carrie, back away from him!

Andrew: *Looks back at Carrie* I'll find you soon.

He blew up the guns in their hands and jumped off the edge. Carrie rushed to it and looked down, but he was gone.


Vanessa: Andrew Detmer? Impossible. He's been dead for almost five years.

Carrie: I read his mind. That's another of my abilities if I focus hard enough, but it was him.

Vanessa: But how though?

Carrie: Maybe the same reason as me. Did Sue tell you I died once?

Vanessa: Yes.

Carrie: Well, I still don't know how I came back but it could be the same thing with him. I'm sure of it.

Vanessa: Well, let's keep this under wraps till we can figure this out. Cause with those powers, you know more what the hell we're dealing with.

And soon Sean, Sue and Ray drove up.

All: Carrie!

They ran up to her.

Sean: Where the hell have you been? I was f--king worried.

Carrie: How worried?

Raymond: Let's say he almost.....

Sean: Don't.

Sue: Sean, here.....

Sean: Guys!

Both: He pissed himself.

Sean: ARGH!

Carrie: *giggles* That's good enough for me. Anyways, I came out here because there was another person wreaking havoc over here.

Sean: Did you know who it was at least?

Carrie:.....It was Andrew......

Ray was drinking a soda can but when he heard her say that, he spit it out.

Raymond: Andrew DETMER?!

Carrie nodded....slightly.

Sean: Carrie, are you sure?

Carrie: Positive. I read his mind.

Sean: Hmm....

Raymond: But that's crazy. The guy was impaled. How could he.....?

Sean: Ray. Carrie died too before we met her.

Raymond: Wha-what?

Sue: It's true. I was there when it happened, so whatever brought Carrie back brought him.....whoever he is....back too.

Chris (Portia Doubleday): *distantly* Y'all forgot about me?

They all recognized the voice, so they slowly turned around and they saw her.

Chris: How much rejection is one girl supposed to take???

Both (Raymond, Sean): You've gotta be f**king kidding me.

Sue: Chris??? But I saw Carrie kill you....

Chris: Well, you weren't hallucinating and it hurt like HELL, but you can thank our mutual friend for that.  

Raymond: Mutual? Son of a....

Sue: Relax, damn it.

Raymond: Ok.....what happened to you being against language?

Carrie: Why does it matter?

Chris: Shut up. ALL OF YOU.

And she slowly walked towards Carrie.

Chris: *Face closes Carrie* I don't know how you beat me at every turf, probably because of your Jean Grey thing there but I can promise you that's going to change. Cause now that I'm back....again....*smirks*'s time I fullfill my promise to you know.

Sean: You. Leave. My. Wife. ALONE!!!!!!!!

Sean went crazy and attacked Chris for he was sick of Chris always trying to hurt her and beat her to a pulp.

Carrie: Sean! No!

The others grabbed him and pulled him off, then Vanessa pointed her gun at Chris.

Vanessa: Chris Hargensen, you're under arrest! 

Chris looked at her with her hands up and chuckles.

Chris: You won't shoot me. Wouldn't want to lose your little job now, would you?

Vanessa: Not falling for it, Chrissy. I can still pop you if I have to.

Chris: Aww come on......I know you won't. We both know who the REAL enemy here is.

Raymond: Vanessa, don't even think about it.

Vanessa looked back at him then Chris grabbed the gun and pulled on it, shooting Vanessa in the chest.

Vanessa: AAAAHHH!!!!

Sue: VANESSA!!!!

Chris ran away and they all turn and surrounded her


Sean: Why'd you guys stop me? I could've stopped her and Vanessa would still be in one piece

Sue: we just didn't want you to have so much on your conscious.

Sean: But she wants nothing more than to see Carrie suffer. And I love her too much to ever let that happen.

Carrie: I know, baby. know. And I love you for that. But the only way Chris can hurt me is that she hurts you too.

She held his hand and their heads leaned on each other. Raymond, however, just stood there in his thoughts    

Raymond: What the hell are y'all doing?! CALL 911!!!!

Vanessa: Don't worry.....

Raymond: What?!

She then pulls off her jacket and shirt to reveal.....a bulletproof vest.

Vanessa: I'm always protected.

Sue: Oh thank God....

He then looked at Carrie and Sean in just.....disgust.

Raymond: (Sarcastically) Gee, thanks for the help.

Sean: *Looks over at his brother* You feeling alright Ray?

Raymond: Yeah. Can we go now?

He just turned away and Sean sighed and nodded at him in disappointment.

Meanwhile, Andrew went to Matts new house and he found his key under the rug and he unlocked the door and came in.

Andrew: Matt?

There was no answer and he looked around the place with his new camara recorder. It was different than what he was used to. He came into Matt's room and saw all the articles and pictures of people with telekinesis. He even found one of Carrie and recognized her. Then, a voice came from behind

Matt: Andrew?!

He looked back

Andrew: Matt?

Matt: Wha--I thought---I thought I had to kill you.

Andrew: Well, they say "what doesn't kill you makes you stronger". But the problem with that statement is.....rising back from the depths of hell is just the same as being born again.

Matt: That doesn't make sense.

Andrew: Does it need to?

Matt: Man, why are you here?

Andrew: To finish what I started.

He grabbed Matt with his abilities.

Matt held his neck choking as he floated towards him.

Andrew: I did hope you'd come around, but you're still the same. What is all this? And who is this Carrie White?

Matt: I don't know....she's new here.....and....she has the same powers as you.....

Andrew flashed back to their confrontation and that's when he remembered when she said that.

Andrew: she said she was born with them?! How is that possible?!

Matt: I-I....I don't know....

Andrew: Too bad.

Matt: What's that supposed to mean? *yells*

Andrew tossed him into the basement (if he has one) and left him there to rot.

Andrew: Weak, pathetic, feeble minded beings. Why be only human when with this blessing, you can be so much more...... You'd live like a God!

However, what both of them didn't know was that while Rachel was on her way home, she heard the whole thing, though she didn't see anything. So she broke down the walls of the house to investigate.

Rachel: Anyone here?

Andrew hid and Rachel looked around and she soon saw Matt out cold in the basement

Rachel: Sir? *Runs down stairs* Sir, are you ok? Sir?!

Andrew: *Grabs her from behind* scream and you die

Rachel muffled and used her powers on a box hitting Andrew on the head, making him let go She grabbed Matt and ran.

Andrew: *Rrrr!!!*

Rachel carried Matt to a hospital.

Rachel: I need help!!!!

Doctors and nurse rushed in

Rachel: This man was just attacked. He's hurt.

Doctor: Ok. Are you a friend ma'am?

Rachel: No, I found him.

Doctor: Ok, wait outside. Let us take care of it.

Rachel then took a pay phone (She didn't have a cell yet) and try to call Ray but he wouldn't answer. So she called Carrie.

Carrie: *over phone* Hello?

Rachel: Get over here. You gotta see this.

A few scenes later, Carrie and Sean arrived at the hospital and Rachel gave her the details.

Carrie: So he was just there in the basement when you stumbled across him?

Rachel: Pretty much. But just when I got there, someone grabbed me from behind and I had to use my powers to get 'em off.

Carrie: It was just one person, right?

Rachel: Yeah. But the tone in his voice made one thing clear: he hates this world.

Sean: Well, he must've been the one who did this. We'd better talk to him.

Rachel: Not gonna work. *points to his room* He's frozen like a damn deer in headlights. We'll have to wait.

Carrie took one look at his face and one familiar person ran through her mind.

Carrie: Why---Wh-why him? Do you even know who that is?!?!!

Rachel: What....?? Who??

Carrie: Tha....that's Billy Nolan!!!

Sean: Carrie, you said he died.

Carrie: No, I said I KILLED him! Look around. Nearly everyone I know have been rising from the pits of hell. Me. Chris. This Andrew guy. Those zombies from Halloween. Tina, Heather, Nikki and Lizzie. And now Billy's back.

Sean: Babe, you said Billy Nolan had facial hair; this guy doesn't.

Carrie: But what if.....

Sean: Carrie. Do you trust me?

Carrie calmed down a bit and looked at him

Carrie: With all my heart.

He smiled and then a couple of more scenes later, a doctor came in

Sean: How is he?

Doctor: He's gonna be fine. He suffered a minor concussion and he can't remember much, but he kept babbling something like "Andrew". Does that mean anything to you?

Sean: It means a lot to us.

Rachel: We'd like to speak with him.

Doctor: Go ahead.

So all three of them made their way in the room, surrounded him and waited for him to wake up.

Carrie: Ummm....Billy?

Matt: Ugh.... Who are you?

Carrie: I'd'd remember after what you

Matt: You' me confused......over someone else. My name is Matt.

Rachel: Carrie, I think he's telling the truth. Try and read his mind.

Matt: What?

Carrie focused and read his mind and found nothing that matched Billy Nolan. Only his relations to Andrew and his research on telekinesis was all she could find.

Carrie: Oh god....I'm just remind me of someone I knew.

Matt: Uh....It's ok, I guess. Who are you people?

Sean: Well, Matt.....My names Sean Ford. This is my wife Carrie and her sister Rachel.

Matt: Carrie? As in Carrie White?

Carrie: Yes......why?

Matt: This.....this is exactly what I needed. Ever since Andrews death, I've been searching for individuals with his abilities. It's the essential key to my journey.

Rachel: What for?

Matt: For the greater good. And newsflash: he's not the only one who had those powers. I have them too.

Sean: What?

Matt: Look....*slouches up* I'll tell you everything.

Carrie: In that case, I'll do the same.

While they were sharing their similar paths and struggles, it cuts to Chris.

She walks through some alleyway which was deserted till suddenly she felt grabbed by telekinesis

Chris: Agh! *chokes and laughs* Come to settle it, Car.....*See's it's Andrew* Y-you're.....not Carrie.....

Andrew: Nah. I'm a hell of a lot worse. And a little girl like you is either stupid or brave to venture through a deserted allyway cause you've just been sentenced to death.

Chris: W-wait! We can cut a deal. Just....put me down.

Andrew: What if I'm not interested? 

Chris: Trust me.....I-I'll like what---I have in store.

Andrew was hesitant, but he obeyed and put her down.

Andrew: Make it fast, pr***

Chris: I've only asked to say what I've come to say. After that, do as your heart desires, big boy.

Andrew: *agitated* Hit me with your best shot.

Chris just smirked and started to chuckle.

Then it cuts back to the hospital.

During Matt and Carrie's conversation, Rachel gets a phone call. When she realized it was from Raymond, she stepped out the room to answer the call.

Rachel: Excuse me.

She stepped outside to answer the call.

Rachel: Baby?

Raymond: *over phone* Rach? I'm sorry. For everything. For shutting you out. Ignoring you. Absolutely everything. I just want to let you know I love you.

Rachel: It's alright, Ray. Really, it is. But where are you?

Chris: Why don't you see for yourself, Rach?

Her heart stopped......

Rachel: Chr--Chris Hargensen??

Chris: I know what you're thinking. How am I alive? How is it possible? Well, I guess I'm just too good to keep down. But your main concern is that you bring Carrie White to me.

Rachel: Dammit Chris! Why won't you leave my sister alone?! You think you've done enough damage to her?!?!? I mean why do you think Sean killed you and tried to do it again earlier?!!!

Chris: You think I give a sh**?!! Your only concern is you bring her to me or pretty little Raymond dies. Make your choice, b**ch.

She hung up and looked at Carrie and Sean hugging. She couldn't just let Chris ruin it, so she developed a new plan.

Soon as she arrived at Ray's, Chris was standing outside.

Chris: Well.....where is she?

Rachel: Let me see him.

Chris smirked and pulled Raymond tied up

Rachel: Alright. She's in the car. Come get her yourself.

Chris made a satisfying smirk and walked up to the car but the "Carrie" she had was a dummy. The real Carrie was still at the hospital with Sean and Matt

Chris: What the hell?!

Rachel freed Ray.

Rachel: RUN!!!!

She used her powers to push Chris through the car. Then she was grabbed by Andrew's powers.

Andrew: You again?!

Rachel: Andrew....Det--mer....

Andrew just tossed her around 'till she barely stand.

Rachel: Why--wh--would with her....?

Andrew: Simple: Two lives in exchange for the world on our shoulders.

Rachel: Andrew....listen....I know what it's like to be hated in this world; That's what she's used against you. I was like you once. I felt lost and it made me kill a lot of innocents, but my sister saved me and we can help you too. Just don't let Chris win.

Andrew: What would you know? You don't know anything.

Chris: She's lying. She's only protecting Carrie to keep us from fullfilling our destiny. KILL HER!!!

Andrew fullfilled Chris's orders but Rachel defended herself with her powers leaving Andrew stunned.

Andrew: You have it too?? This is crazy!

Rachel: Newsflash: In terms of my powers, "crazy" is my middle name.

She then launched an attack which resulted in a battle.

Unfortunately, it came to a halt when a car inadvertently runs over Andrew. The driver of the car was Sue. And Carrie was also inside.

Sue: Ray! Rachel! GET IN!

So they both got in and drove off.

Chris: DAMN IT! Son of a---- *arghh*!

Andrew: I'll catch queen.

So Sue continued to drive as far as she could go.

Raymond: *breathing heavily* Rachel....I....

Rachel just pulled Ray over to her and kissed him repeatedly.

Rachel: I was so worried about you, baby. *touches his face*

Raymond: My hero.....

Sue: Ummm.....can we focus here?! I'm really getting sick and tired with all this stuff you're doing.

Carrie: Wait. Drop them off here.

So Sue did and her and Carrie were in the road again.

Carrie: Come on. We gotta draw Andrew away.

Sue: Detmer?

Carrie: You know him too?!

Sue: Everyone knows him and he's right in front us!

Sue stopped the car as Carrie got out to go face to face with Andrew.

Andrew: Carrie White. Yeah, I know all about you now. Your life was just as pathetic as mine, which means you and I are the same. Is it possible that we are destined for a higher purpose?

Carrie: Andrew. This is about more than purpose. These people are innocent and have homes and families. You can't just take it away from them.

Andrew: Why not? They don't seem to except us. We are better and higher than these worms.

Carrie: What we are doesn't make us better. Just different. People fear what they don't understand. But we can stand together and fix this. You have to stand down.

Andrew: Chris promised me a kingdom. We could rule it together as gods.

Carrie: Chris has you under her finger tips. She wants NOTHING more than to see me humiliated and die. And when that happens, she'll take that kingdom for her own.

Andrew: In that case..... *pulls her close to his face with his powers* We could overthrow her and together, you and I can rule the world. Make things the way we want them to be.

Andrew tried to kiss her, but Carrie pushed him away with her powers. He got up angry. Carrie gasped, but Sean hits him with a pipe from behind stunning him momentarily.

Sean: No one kisses you, but me.

Carrie smiled and ran to him and hugged him  

Carrie: Let's go home....

So they both went to the car, yet Andrew already got up and took control of the car.

Andrew: Fools. Apparently the insipid rings of love does not protect them from their stupidity. Goody-good cry-babies, begone!

He then lifted the car into the air (like all the way up there).

All: *'screaming*

They were high up in the air. And when the car stopped, it slowly started to descent.

Sean: WOAH!

Sue: This is not how I planned for things to end.

Carrie: It won't. I got an idea. I'll try and control the car. Just wait for me to give the signal and you try to steer.

Sue: In the air?! You sure about that?!

Carrie: Anythings possible.

Sean: Then go for it.

So Carrie slowly started to lift the car and try to stabilize it, yet it was still falling.

Carrie: Pedal. Floor it, floor it.

Sue floored it, but on the acceleration.

Sean: That's the wrong one!

Sue: How am I supposed to know?!

Sean: We're in the air, damn it!

The car was still falling.

Carrie: Again, but do the reverse.

Sue pressed down in the reverse slowly just as they started to reach the ground.

Carrie: NOW!

Sue floored the reverse and Carrie lifted the car up as Sue tried to steer.

But it wasn't enough. The car couldn't be stabilized and it crashed into the factory, collapsing each floor until they all landed hard on the bottom floor.

The screen fades and it shows Sean waking up.

Sean: *groans* Carrie? Sue? Anyone?!

Carrie: *'groans softly* I'm alright. *hugs him* I didn't really know how that was gonna work.

Sean: So you made it up as you went along?

Carrie: Pretty much. Where's Sue?

Sue: *weakly* I'm right here.

Both: Where?

They both turned around to see Sue impaled in the ritual part of the factory. Apparently, she burst out the window of the car, broke the door and found herself impaled completely.

Carrie: *covers her mouth in shock*, no, no, no.....

They managed to pull her off and Carrie held her on the ground.

Carrie: *Cries* Oh Sue....I'm so sorry....

Sue: did what you could to save us's me who should be sorry.....I know I always wasn't supportive of what you do....but now I understand......go.....they need you....

Carrie: No! We're not leaving you....*cries*

Sue soon gags and slowly passes. Carrie cries with her face all wet, drowning in guilt and Sean hugged her.

they later informed Ray, Vanessa and Rachel. Rachel and Vanessa dropped in despair but suddenly Ray for some reason snaps at Carrie

Raymond: I hope you're proud of yourself......

Vanessa: What?

Carrie: What'd you mean?

Raymond: All this. The zombies, Chris, Kaityln, that manic from Paris.....All of it. This whole supernatural started when you showed up! Wherever you go, dark forces always follow! Even death!! Chris came back and kidnapped me to get to you!! And now Sue is dead!!!

Rachel: You do realize you're being a hypocrite?!

Raymond: Sometimes you got to be one. Especially when people like HER come along!!!!

Sean got up and grabbed his brother's shoulder real hard for he wasn't having it with him anymore

Sean: Hey! Back off Ray, right now!

Raymond: Get your hands off me!

Sean: I'm not having this with you again! All you do is point fingers and snap! Carrie did her best to help us all! And all you're doing is acting like a spoiled brat!

Raymond: What?! Sean, don't you get it? Ever since SHE showed up, our lives have been nothing but hell! Killers zombies, ghosts, people returning from the dead! All this sh** never stops!!!

Sean: *Punches him'* And she's my wife!

Rachel: *'Holds Carrie* And MY sister!

Ray looked at Rachel stunned and didn't know what he just said.

Raymond: Are you blind? *laughs sarcastically* Don't you get it? We're not the heroes anymore.

Carrie: *tears in her eyes* We don't have to be.

Sean: You with us or against us, Ray? Cause I'm on my wife's side.

Rachel: And my sister's.   

Raymond: The f**k is this? Some kind of guilt trip? No. I want our lives back. Ok, OUR lives back. Enough of this Excorist bulls***.

Vanessa: Ray.....if you can't live with this......if you can't grow up and accept what's happening out need to let us know....cause my cousin would've known better then to overreact like that. You say you want to help. But I don't think you do.

Raymond had just about heard enough. He headed upstairs but not before saying something he was gonna regret later on.

Raymond: I don't even know why the f**k he let you stay with us in the first place.

And he stormed upstairs.

As nighttime slowly approached, Carrie was in her and Sean's room, still in tears over Sues death. Then she heard a knock on the door.

Carrie: Go away.

Then there was another one.

Carrie: Leave me be.

Eventually, Rachel and Vanessa walked into the room.

Rachel: Hey.....

Vanessa: Someone's been up on the---

Both Carrie and Rachel have her a death look.

Vanessa: Uh---never mind.

And they both sat down next to her.

Vanessa: How long have you been sulking about this?

Carrie: It doesn't matter. All that does matter is she's dead because of HER.....

Rachel could feel and sense a bit of anger in Carries voice.

Rachel: Sis....I don't think itd be wise for you to-

Carrie: To what? Huh?! I can't just sit here and do nothing. I lost my parents, my grandmother, and now my BEST FRIEND?! You expect me to take that LYING DOWN?!

Vanessa started to back up as the place started to quietly shake.

Rachel: That's not what I meant! Relax!

Carrie breathed heavily then calmed herself

Rachel: Look, I know what it's like to loose a best friend. A year before I found you, I had friends too. We were loyal to each other ever since day one but they both died. One of them, Lisa Parker was the one I found dead first. It LOOKED like a suicide, but the creep that ruined MY life and his hulligan friends made it look like that. But it was really a murder. I admit I--lost it. I even killed my own dog, accidentally. But even though we're blood, we're still in the same show.

Carrie: *Sighs* I'm sorry about your friend.

Rachel nodded   

Arnold (Kyle Massey): So y'all both be playin' the same game. Just different levels, right?

Rachel recognized the voice and she slowly turned around to see Arnold again, right at the edge of the door.

Rachel: Arnold?

Arnold: Missed me?

Rachel went up and hugged him, for she hadn't lost both of her friends. Although, Carrie still felt a little empty seeing that.

Rachel: But how? I thought you were a goner.

Arnold: Well, it's....a long story. You did say you'd find me again. That never happened for some reason. But when I heard you were here with some relatives, I had to see if you were alright.

Rachel: It's great to see you're doing better. I didn't think I'd ever see you again. Oh, this is my sister Carrie White. half sister. We've had different mothers.

Arnold: Carrie White. Yeah, Rachel told me about you. You're the girl that went Phoenix at Ewen High right? You must be some kind of goddess.

Carrie: No. Actually, I was more like Medusa. Thanks for bringing it up. I got to go check on Tommy.

She got up and walked off.

Arnold: Was it something I said?

Rachel: She just lost a friend today. She's a little on edge.

Both of them heard Ray's voice "Who the hell's this?!" They looked over and saw him frowning and with arms crossed

Arnold: Oh, I'm Arnold. *Holds out his hand* A friend of Rachel's. Nice to meet you.

Raymond: A friend of my girlfriend's. She said you hit on her once and said you were dead.

Arnold: Girlfriend??  

Rachel: Arnold, Ray, don't start.

Arnold: I wasn't starting anything. I was just surprised.

Raymond: You WANNA be starting somethin'?

Rachel: RAY!

Rachel moved Arnold out of the room as Vanessa spoke.

Vanessa: Honestly, Ray.....we're really getting sick of your rudeness.

Raymond just rolled his eyes and scoffed.

Rachel: I'm sorry about Ray. He's gets cranky every now and then.

Arnold: He doesn't treat you bad does he?

Rachel: No. Well.....

Arnold: Well....what?

Rachel: He ain't fond of my sister who's married to his brother.

Arnold: What?! If he treats your sister like sh**, why the hell are you dating him?

Rachel: *Sighs* I really don't know....but if he keeps it up, I'm dumping his sorry ass.

Meanwhile, Sean was in the baby's room giving little Tommy his bottle. Carrie came in and saw how beautiful he was with him as he turned around.

Sean: Hey.

Carrie: Hey.

Sean: He just craving his bottle when I came in.

Carrie smiled and sat next to him leaning her head on his shoulder starring down at their baby son with a smile for it took her mind off Sue for a bit.

Sean: So....whatcha gonna do now?

Carrie: *sighs* I'll get her back for this. But I need to convince Andrew to switch sides. He doesn't know what Chris is about. He doesn't know the games she plays on everyone.

Sean: But doesn't that depend on.....

Carrie: On what?

Sean: Umm....I dunno....

Carrie: On WHAT?

Sean: *sighs* Don't take it the wrong way but....are you gonna use some....charm.....?? Cause I saw how he looked at you when he attacked us.

Carrie: What?! No. No, of course not. It's just....Andrew and I don't just have the same abilities; we have the same situation. I was tormented by Chris, Rachel was by Jesse and Andrew could have been too by someone else. We need a way to prove to him that Chris is only using him. I mean she wants nothing more than me humiliated and dead.

Sean: Well; as long as I'm here, she won't EVER get that.

Carrie then swallowed in thought

Carrie: I think I got something....Chris wants to kill me. But Andrew wants me as his mate, so....

Sean: What? What'd you getting at? 

Carrie just looked at him.

Sean took some time to think and then it came to him.

Sean: Oh no....

Carrie: Mhm......

Sean: You really gonna go that far?

Carrie: If I HAVE to, then yes....

Sean gets up and sighs as Carrie gets up carrying the baby.

Carrie: Babe. It won't change anything; I still love you.

Sean: But what if he tries to.....and you....

Carrie: Sean, it won't go that far. Besides, it maybe the only way I can talk to him without him hurting anybody.

Sean wasn't sure about this, but the conversation ended when....

Raymond: Too obvious, isn't it?

They looked over.

Raymond: With that maniac, that's CLEARLY where you belong! Why the hell did he let you stay here?! You know what? You could've been out rotting in the streets or better yet, you should've stayed in your grave and dig your way back to the pits of hell! Then none of this would be happening!

Little Tommy started crying

Sean: No no shh's ok baby.

Carrie was fed up with Raymond's attitude, insulting her and upsetting their son. She stormed to him, grabbed him with her powers and pulled him to his face

Carrie: Get. Out.

She pushed him out and Raymond hit the wall hard and slid down groaning in pain. Sean slammed the door on his face. Rachel, hiding behind the side wall, was not having it herself and looked at her ring.

Rachel: That's it.....

Slowly, Carries' anger began to build up for she now knew what she had to do.

Carrie later snuck out without anyone noticing and she soon ended up back in Maine about a day and a half later where Ewen High had begun it's reconstruction.

She then started to look around 'till she found who she was looking for.

Carrie: I know you're here.

Chris was hiding near the edge of her old demolished home and she didn't bother trying to hide again.

Chris: *chuckles* What gave me away?

Carrie: I can read minds, pawn of the opresser.

Chris: You really shouldn't blame yourself, Carrie. It was your sisters fault. She shouldn't have tricked me like that just to protect your ugly ass.

Carrie: It's called family, Chris. We'd do anything to protect our family. Something you once had. Too bad I had to take that away from you (her father).

Chris: You disgust me. *Whistles*

Andrew came out from behind her with a grin

Andrew: Hi, honey. I'm home.

Chris: Any last requests, piggy?

Carrie: One last chance, Andrew. End this now and you can walk away.

Andrew: End it.....I will.

He charged at her and she did the same which resulted in a huge crash.

(This was in the wee hours of the morning)

Meanwhile back in Florida, Rachel noticed Carrie wasn't there. So she took Arnold with them as they both went to the hospital and got Matt out, hoping he could shed some light on where Andrew or Carrie was.

Matt: I can do that. But not here. It's obviously not the "appropriate" place to do that.

Arnold: Does it LOOK like that to you?

Rachel: Don't worry. I'll take you to Sean's.

They drove back to Sean's where he was feeding little Tommy. Vanessa went to go look out for little Carrie and tell her the bad news but when Matt, Arnold and Rachel arrived, Sean stood up carrying his son.

Sean: Any sign of her?

Rachel: No.....but that's why I brought him.

Sean: I'll get Vanessa.

As Sean went out to get her, Matt limbered in from his remaining injuries and brought his laptop to put on some motion detector of telekinesis.

Meanwhile back at Maine, Carrie and Andrew continued fighting with massive powers and crashing through everything. They almost demolished the new reconstructed Ewen High School. Andrew slammed Carrie down and held her by the neck.

Andrew: Stop fighting me, Carrie. I don't want to kill you. Join me.

Carrie: NEVER!!!

Andrew: Don't you understand?! This world will never accept us! They'll never see us as more than monsters! But we can rule them together!

Carrie: Andrew, people fear what they don't understand! I'm sorry for what happened to you, I am! But act from your heart! Not your pain!

Andrew stared at her for a minute in confusion for a part of him begin to understand

Chris: Good work, Andrew. You've got her. Now finish her!

Carrie: Don't let your emotions cloud your judgement.

Andrew panted then he suddenly turned to Chris.

Andrew: there some other way?

Chris: Like what? Fry her? *Laughs*

Andrew: No. I wanna take her as my mate. Her and I are the same. She can stand with us.

Chris. Mat---Are you kid----No. She's the enemy. And a worthless piece of sh**. Finish. Her. Off.

Andrew: Silence.


Rachel: Again?

Vanessa: you sure she's there?

Matt: Clear as day.

Arnold: Must've gotten there yesterday. There isn't a chance she could've teleported that fast.

Sean: In that case, it's gotta be where Hargensen is too. Let's get moving. Ray!

Raymond: *Storms downstairs* What now?!

Vanessa: Keep your mouth shut and listen. We just need you to look after Tommy and little Carrie while the rest of us go help Carrie.

Raymond: Are you kidding me?! I said, I don't want any part of.....

Sean/Arnold: Will you please shut the hell up?!

Ray backed up again and sat on the foot of the stairs.

Sean: All you have to do is babysit. That's all! And don't you dare yell at the kids. Little Carrie lost HER mom. She's not gonna lose her god-mother too. I won't let histroy repeat itself like it did with our parents.

Raymond: Oh my G--what's the point of telling me this? You KNOW there is no recovering from that. I know you still care about our parents. We're supposed to do that. But they left. Just remember that. THEY LEFT! They abandoned us right here in this very spot , so we could fend for ourselves and you know damn well, that I've had to fight tooth and nail just to be able to stand RIGHT HERE and say "I made it through two decades of hell!"

Sean: Well, I've been standing right beside you!

His response just left Ray in more shock.

Sean: Ever since Day f**king 1, I busted my ass off to give you and myself a life we could be proud of, and your cocky as hell attitude ain't doing nothing to help us benefit from that. Parents are not perfect. They do what they know is right and what's right for their flesh and blood, which is something that I really don't think you understand. It's not about being fair, Ray. It's about survival. Something that you, me, and everyone else on this planet has had to do. Now, I'm sorry that this is the kind of s**t you have to deal with, but that's what life is about; and if you can't grow up and accept that......then this world will chew you up and spit you out just as badly as it did to Carrie......and I will not be able to help you.

Arnold: Damn....

Matt: Just go. Come on.....

Raymond sighed as Sean, Matt and Vanessa walked out and Rachel gave him one last look.

And she slowly removed her ring from her finger.

Raymond gave a dumbfounded look as Rachel threw down her ring for the way Ray treated her sister and everyone else. She couldn't take it no more.

Rachel: I'm over this, Ray.....We're done.....

so she went with the others leaving Raymond stunned as he looked down.

Then it cuts to them in the car.

Rachel: I can't believe him.

Vanessa: Sometimes it's difficult to change someone. You know I had that same---


Then the road cracks....

Arnold: Chill pill, chill pill....Relax.....

Sean: Rachel, calm down. I'm sorry, really. But we need you focused. Carrie's life depends on it.

Rachel: I'm sorry. You're right. I'm just....let's just go.

Then they drove off to Ewen High......again.

Back there, Chris kept yelling at Andrew to finish Carrie but he wasn't taking it anymore. He then grabbed HER with HIS powers.

Andrew: I'm the one with the power, so I'm the god and you're just a mortal that greeds for power but will NEVER have it. So consider our deal off.

Andrew was about to brake Chris's neck till Carrie stopped him with her powers and dropped her.

Chris:'s getting so "you can't trust anyone on this planet". Why can't I win.....*Passes out*

Andrew: Why defend her, Carrie? As long as she lives, you'll never be free. WE'LL never be free.

Carrie: This still isn't the way Andrew. We don't kill.

Andrew: But you killed.

Carrie: A long time ago. But I've changed. Let me help you change.

Andrew: Change?! This world will never change!! They'll never accept us! That's why we must rule them! It's our destiny!

Carrie: No! The only destiny I have is with my family. My husband and son. And.....

Andrew: Husband? Son? Raaaaaaahhhhh!!!!!

Andrew's force of rage cause the school to collapse once more and Sean and the others could see it from when they arrived.

Sean: Carrie....

Rachel: I'll get there faster.

Rachel jumps out of the car and flies over there.

Arnold: *distantly* Rach!

Andrew was about to strike, but Rachel struck him which caused both of them to crash hard.

Carrie: Rach?

Slowly but surely, they both got up and looked at each other.

Andrew: ARGH! YOU AGAIN?!?!!

Rachel: No one harms my sister....

Carrie: Thanks, Rach. Now....Remember what I told you about bullies? Let's show him how we take care of business.

Andrew: WAIT!!! Don't you understand? This world is evil!! They look at us like we're DIRT! They won't ever see us as something more!! Don't you see?!

Rachel: The only thing I see is a monster that wants nothing more than to hurt my sister!

And then Carrie and Rachel unleashed their powers together.

They both ambushed him.

Eventually, Andrew started fighting back.

Meanwhile, Chris got up and tried walking to Sean's car, who also has Matt inside.

When Chris got there, he was the first thing she saw in the backseat. She couldn't see Vanessa cause she had already gotten out.

Chris smirked and burst open the window to grab Sean. But Arnold saw it.

Arnold: Oh no, you don't!

Chris: Get off of me, baby hippo!

She then slid under him and pushed him into the window of the drivers seat, knocking him out.

Rachel and Carrie continued fighting Andrew. it was massive but then Carrie saw Chris trying to attack Sean.

Carrie: No....

She flew there and Rachel looked at her go

Rachel: Carrie!

Then Andrew pushed her back.

Carrie: Let go of him!

And she struck her.

Chris looked at her and spit out a tooth.

Carrie: I'm not scared of you anymore.

She picked her up and then threw her over to Andrew.

Andrew was choking Rachel 'till Chris landed on him and they were both out cold. Vanessa ran up and cuffed Chris and was about to cuff Andrew 'till.....

Matt: Wait. You should leave him to me. If you lock him up, he'll definitely escape.

Vanessa: How will you keep him contained?

Matt: I've been working years on something that can naturalize his powers and mine. When I have a permanent effect, I'll turn him over to you. But until then, let me deal with MY cousin.  

Vanessa: *annoyed face* If it goes wrong....

Matt: I know.

Vanessa picked up Chris as she cussed all of them out.

Chris: Jesus Christ, could you loosen these cuffs?

Vanessa: Not a chance in hell. Not after what you did to my cousin.

Chris: Oh, you b--ch. You're just like Sue and the rest. You're all gonna thank me, freak. She deserved it. All of it. Nobody f**ks with me and gets away with it! DO YOU KNOW WHO THE F--K I AM?!?!!

Carrie: Yeah......

Rachel: *to Chris* You miserable pr--k!

Chris: Why you.....*sees Matts face*.....Billy? Billy?!?!!

Matt: Why does everyone keep calling me that?!

Carrie: Don't ask.

Chris: Billy, help me...!!!

Vanessa slammed the door and drove her to the police station and the others back home.

~1 day later~

By the time they got home and walked through the door, Ray was still there in that same spot.

Sean: Did you......

Raymond: Yes. I took the time to babysit, I cleaned my room, got rid of those disgusting bottles of pee on my counter and......

Rachel: Ok, we get it. No need to sugarcoat anything else.

Raymond: That's not what I'm trying to say. Besides, I'm not in the mood for talking back.

Matt: You're talking back right now. You're completely--

Raymond: Screw it.

Ray just placed down a piece of paper on the table and walked into the kitchen.

Upon looking at it, they found out it was an apology letter. But it was more then just that....

  • "I'm not good at expressing myself when I'm going all Dr. Manhattan on y'all asses. So I'm gonna try and make this as painless to both you and me as possible......I'm truly sorry that I'm such an d*** to all of you, even Carrie. I guess I just need to learn how to live with the facts that we don't live in reality anymore. Maybe we never did. But I'm not gonna be a jerk about it or blame it on anyone or whatever the f**k cowards do out there. So Sean? I'm sorry. I know I wasn't always supportive with your relationship with Carrie, but I didn't know any better. Rachel? I will always love you, but you had every right to dump me because of how ludicrous I've been. So now, I'm going to end it. You guys won't need to worry about me no more. Goodbye: Raymond"

Sean had a sinking feeling in his stomach and rushed to the kitchen to see his brother about to cut his neck with a kitchen knife

Sean: RAY, NO!!!!

He looked over and Sean grabbed the knife out of his hands

Sean: Listen to me, man! You don't have to do that. It's not worth it.

Raymond: But I'm such an a**hole to you and Carrie all the time. I always get on your cases about it and I just....I'm a bad brother. 

Sean: Well, so am I.

Raymond: But at least, you learn from your mistakes and you don't overexaggerate every single time I do something stupid.

While they were talking in the kitchen, Carrie saw Rachels ring on the floor and handed it to her.

Carrie: Still want this?

Upon realizing that Raymond has finally woken up and accepted reality, Rachel grabbed the ring with her powers and put it back on her finger.

Rachel: *breathes and smiles*

Matt: Wow......

Sean: Ray, listen. Ever since Mom and Dad left us, I was scared that I was gonna fail you. Cause looking out for you was the hardest thing I ever had to do in my life. I wanted to insure I give you what you needed to be the man our parents made you grow up to be. Don't let it all be for nothing.

Ray looked down till he saw Rachel come in wearing the ring again.

Raymond: Rach?

Rachel: I'm sorry, babe.

She walked to him and they hugged each other tight.

Raymond: *sniffling* Jesus Christ, I have been acting ridiculous lately.

Rachel: No worries, Ray. I'd knew you come around.

Raymond: You sure? I couldn't tell based on the look you gave me before you left.

Rachel: *chuckles* You're such a kidder.

Back in the living room, Carrie chatted with Matt.

Carrie: So what are you planning to do with Andrew?

Matt: I hope I can rebelatate him. For now this device I've build can temporarily naturalize his powers. But considering everything he's gone through it's gonna take time.

Carrie: Well I can help if you want cause....even though he was hurting others he seemed to trust me. He even kept Chris from hurting me. Though they were working together he double crossed her to protect me.

Matt: I can see. You two do have a lot in common. I guess he was just relived he really wasn't alone after all.

Carrie: I can help reason with him. My husband can as well cause he went to the same school with him. I know he can help him too.

Matt: I appreciate it,'s just that.....

Carrie: I know. But he is your cousin.

Sue: Carrie.....

The voice stunned her and Carrie saw Sues ghost before her

Everyone but Matt noticed Sues presence.

The other three rushed in from the kitchen even Little Carrie who gasped

Little Carrie: Mommy??

Sue: I'm here. And I'll be in your hearts. Always.

Sean: I'm sorry we couldn't reduce you in time.

Rachel: Same.

Carrie: No need to worry. She's in a better place.

Sue: *wipes tears*

Little Carrie: *Cries* Momma please don't go.

Sue: Oh baby, I'm not going anywhere. Your heart is where I'll always be. Your godmother Carrie will look after you.

Little Carrie: *Cries* but Momma.....

Sue: Shh.

Seeing how hard it was on little Carrie, Carrie and the others wished there was something they could do until Raymond had a crazy idea.

Raymond: Wait a minute, guys. Chris mentioned she was revived by a massive force. It was from Andrew, right? And Carrie's son revived her with his powers inside her.

Sean: Ray....are suggesting...?

Raymond: Yeah, maybe Carrie or Rachel can revive Sue with the same force of their powers.

Little Carrie nodded and cheered.

Carrie: I-I don't know if I can.

Rachel: Nor me. We've never brought anyone back before.

Carrie: Yeah, and even if we can, we'd be violating laws of nature.

Little Carrie: *Cries* Godmother, please. Bring back my mommy. 

Carrie: *sighs* Hold on, Sue.

So Carrie reluctantly used her powers as much as she could. And Rachel joined too.

The harder they pushed, the more worn out they got.

Ray: Sean.

Sean: Hold on to somethin'.

Soon, Sues ghost and her dead body started flickering slightly.

Rachel: *straining* Is it....working?

Carrie: *straining* Keep....going.

Carrie and Rachel held hands and they focused real hard to harness their powers in Sue's body and then managed to heal Sue's body and slowly her heart began to beat

Carrie and Rachel got tired and fell. Rachel on her knees and Carrie for some reason on her back.

Sean: CARRIE!! *Rushed to her*

Carrie: Sorry....made a little extra work....

And then Sue woke up and gasped.

Little Carrie: Mommy!!

She rushed to her mom and hugged her.

Sue: *Hugs her back* Oh my baby.

Sean: What more did you do, baby?

Carrie: Whatever price it holds, I still did it...for both Sue and the rest of us.

Sean and the others frown in confusion even Sue and little Carrie.

Sue: Carrie, what'd you do?

Carrie just smiled.

Somewhere at the Main Graveyard, we zoom in at Tommy Ross's tombstone and it began to shake. Soon, his hand BURST out.

~Cuts to credits~

Deleted Scenes

1: Meanwhile at Chris' hideout (from Blood Of Redemption) Andrew was actually fantasizing about Carrie for a spilt second until Chris snaps him out of it.

Chris: Hey. *snaps fingers* Detmer.....What are you doing, staring off into space here?

Andrew snapped out of it and slowly turned towards Chris.

Andrew: I'm occupied.

Chris: With what? F--king jigsaw?

Andrew: None of your business.

He then got up and leaned on the door close to the table.

Chris: But to hell with the scum of this town. B--ch-ass pig won't have anything left to remember after we're done with her.

Andrew: After I'M done with her.

Chris was confused and she immediately stopped what she was doing.

Chris: No, no, no, no, no, no.....*mild chuckle*.....that's not what we agreed on.

Andrew: Can't keep promises all the time.

Chris: If you're fighting Carrie, I'm going with you. I told you we will rule this world together. Under MY terms! Why did you let them go anyways?!

That's when Andrew broke the news.

Andrew: One of longer walks on Earth.

Chris: *slowly moves closer to him* Wha--? Is this some Dumb and Dumber s--t? The f--k you talking about?

Andrew: dead.

The minute she heard it, she pulled Andrew close to her and kissed him.

Andrew was stunned and pushed her off

Andrew: The hell?! That was disgusting!

Chris: Why you say that? I'm proud of you. Sue betrayed me for the freak wacko. All cause she got too emotional. I've wanted to take care of her since then and you granted my wish. And plus....*pulls him close to her again*....haven't you ever been with a girl, Andie?

Andrew: Its Andrew. *pushs her away again* And never with anyone like you. I will fight Carrie again, but what happens to her is on MY terms.

Chris: Are you still gonna kill her, though?

Andrew: IF I decide to.

Chris: What the hell you mean if you decide? We both agreed to kill her!

Andrew: Why do you hate her so much?

Chris: I told you. She killed my friends and my boyfriend and....

Andrew: But from what I heard, you hated her before she killed anyone. so why is that?

Chris: Because she's been so annoying with her christian sh** she's so ugly and a freak and she disgusts m.... *Chokes*

Andrew: *Holds out his hand at her* Well, your problems aren't my problems. From now on since I'm the one with the power, I'm in charge of this operation. I decide what happens to Carrie White, not you. If you got a problem with that, Leave. Or. Die. What's it gonna be?

Chris just looked at him in fear as she choked and held her neck.

2: Little Carrie was watching tv and she heard the door open and saw Carrie, Sean, Ray and Rachel who was nodding at Carrie.

Little Carrie: God-Ma Carrie! *Runs up to her and hugs her*

Carrie: Hey, pumpkin. Listen we need to talk.

Raymond: Yeah, tell her the travesty which YOU caused.

Sean: Alright, Ray. Outside.

He grabbed his ear and pulled him out back. Rachel nodded at Ray with a sigh as Carrie sat the child down

Little Carrie: Where's Mommy, godmother?

Carrie: *makes a sad look* Honey....yo--your mom....had an---accident.

Little Carrie: What kind of accident...?? I--is she ok?

Carrie: *Tears up* Carrie, baby....your mom just....she's passed away.

She gasped and teared up

Little Carrie: N--no she....she can't be....

Carrie: I'm so sorry, darling.

Little Carrie: *Cries* Mommy....

Carrie hugged her goddaughter tight but out back, it was just in the worse situation with Sean and Ray.

Raymond: Did it EVER occur to you for just one second that maybe.....just MAYBE this isn't what you signed up for?! We've been dealing with this provada for years now and you're still shrugging it off like its nothing!!!

Sean: Hey! I'm annoyed about this as well, but at least I'm not being a b**ch about it.

Raymond: Oh my....How long have you been waiting to unleash that?!

Sean: I DON'T GIVE A DAMN!!! And it doesn't matter at this point. She's part of our family now.

That's when Raymond SPIT in Sean's face.

Raymond: Well, letting her into our family was the stupidest mistake you possibly could've made.

Then Sean gutted him with his knee and saw Ray squirming in pain.

Sean: You say it's stupid, but's the best mistake I ever made.

Raymond: Best...ugh! *Leans up* I don't understand how anyone would call any mistake their best. She brought this madness into our lives!


Raymond: I don't give a damn!!

Sean then grabbed a stick and was about to hit Ray, but he grabbed it and they began fighting. Rachel came out and separated them with her powers by making them fly back.

Rachel: Enough!!!

Ray looked at her in shock.

Rachel: *Looks at Ray with anger* Guess this is what it comes to, huh? All leading up to this. I suppose you blame me too. Since I'm not normal either. If that's really how you felt.....why the f**k did you let ME into YOUR life?!

Raymond: Rach....I--I

Rachel: SHUT UP!!!!

Ray backed up and Sean walked by her.

Sean: I'm sorry, Rach. How is she?

Rachel: She's lost everything. How do you think she's feeling now?

Sean: I know, I know. Sorry. I better check on Tommy.

Sean went in and Rachel looked back at Raymond in disgust and turned away as she followed Sean. Ray just sighed and huffed.

More to come......


All of the cast.


  • Sue Snell: the car gets lifted up in the air and when it crashes, she rockets out the window and gets impaled inside the factory.


The strong build-up to the film aside, Chronicle Of Carrie was given mixed reviews from critics as well as the audience. Review aggravator website Rotten Tomatoes gave the film a score of only 42% percent stating that, "The films premise is solid, memorable and spot-on, but Brian De Palma and Josh Tranks cooperation falls short as Chronicle Of Carrie suffers from the limitations of it's talented cast, as well as failing to go beyond it's very limited source material."

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