Christopher Chance was born and raised in McLean, Virginia. After Chance graduated from high school, he went on to the United States Military Academy at West Point. He graduated from West Point with a Bachelor of Science in Sociology and a commission as a Second Lieutenant in the United States Army.

While at West Point, Chance decided to become an infantry officer. Upon completing the Infantry Officer Basic Course, he attended the U.S. Army Airborne School and then the U.S. Army Ranger School. After earning the Ranger Tab, Chance was assigned to the 82nd Airborne Division as an airborne rifle platoon leader in the 1st Battalion, 505th Parachute Infantry Regiment. He later went through Ranger orientation training and was then assigned to the 75th Ranger Regiment as a ranger rifle platoon leader in the 3rd Ranger Battalion. Chance eventually rose the position of a ranger rifle company executive officer.

He left the United States Army after five years of service and applied to join the Diplomatic Security Service. After successfully passing the application and hiring process, Chance went on to orientation at the National Foreign Affairs Training Center. Afterwards, he attended the Criminal Investigator Training Program at the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center and then the Basic Special Agent Course at the Diplomatic Security Training Center. Upon completing his training, Chance was sworn in as a Diplomatic Security Service special agent and assigned to the DSS New York Field Office.

At the New York Field Office, he primarily conducted personnel security investigations, as well as passport and visa fraud investigations. Chance also served on numerous protective details for visiting foreign dignitaries and briefly served on the protective security detail of the U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations. After two years as a DSS special agent, Chance went through the High Threat Operations Course and was then posted as an assistant regional security officer to the Regional Security Office at the U.S. Embassy in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Two years after that, he was posted to the U.S. Embassy in Bogotá, Colombia.

After six years as a Diplomatic Security special agent, Chance left the Diplomatic Security Service for the private sector. Soon after renting a house in McLean, he attended both a private investigator training course and an armed security officer training course. A little while after receiving both his private investigator license and his armed security officer registration, Chance founded a one-person private investigation and personal security company. He has since become a highly reputable personal security expert and bodyguard throughout the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area.

As the sole proprietor of Chance Executive Services, Chance offers a unique service wherein he makes himself a "human target" in order to save the lives of those in danger. When there is an unusual or imminent threat that can't be solved through "normal" means of protection, he is hired to completely integrate himself into his clients' lives. If you're a corporate manager whose disgruntled employee has gone violently off the deep end, Chance is your new auditor. If you're the president of a bank who's been tipped off to a potential heist, he is your unassuming bank teller.

Call him what you like, because for Christopher Chance, it's about one thing only: saving his clients' lives.

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