Christmas Heart is a 2016 Christmas family comedy-drama film directed by Phil Lord, the director of The Lego Movie.


Stuck-up and shallow Alissa has to take her own heart on Christmas to win her heart on her romantic crush, but her teenage younger sister has other plans. She wanted to take her older sister to a Christmas party, which Aljssa hates.


Alissa is a vain and shallow girl who was still invited to a Christmas party. She talks on the phone all day instead of doing her homework, which she hates, hates her parents and gets what she wants by acting like a whiny spoiled brat. The day before Christmas starts with Tina, her younger sister being the voice of reason. What Alissa wanted for Christmas is to be famous, have a boyfriend, share a kiss, all the clothes, and be rich. All she wanted is to be invited to a Christmas party. Alissa then sees her friends Mia and Lola and talk about throwing a Christmas party, but they accepted. While visiting her boyfriend, Rodrick, she was grounded for sneaking out by her parents, Lori and Brett. Her brothers, Nick, Ryan, and Derek seem to enjoy the spirit of Christmas, but Alissa refuses. At night where she goes to bed, she was crying in her sleep and Tina was there for her along with Nick, Ryan, and Derek.

On Christmas, Alissa wraps her present to find makeup cosmetics and Tina wraps her presents to find clothes, a drawing kit, and make up cosmetics.



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  1. On Purpose by Sabrina Carpenter
  2. Santa Tell Me by Ariana Grande
  3. All I Want For Christmas Is You by Mariah Carey


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