Chrissy X is an American animated television series. The series follows Chrissy Nebula, a 16 year old teenager who lives in outer space.


Jessica stormed up to the counter and slammed her bag down.

Why did you sell something you knew was broken!


Main Characters

Christina "Chrissy" Nebula- A 16 year old human girl

Drake Cox-A 14 year old human boy He is the butt of a running gag in which people are making fun of both Drake's hairline and forehead.

Carla Nova- A 15 year old girl of the Verdigrean species.

Heather Darkmatter- A 16 year old

Lindsay Rockets-A 17 year old robot

Fender Ratchet-

Recurring Characters

Lloyd P.Nebulon-

Edward R." Eddie" Horton-


He dreams of taking over the galaxy .


It's pretty obvious this cartoon is a Walt Disney science fiction comedy television series and we are the main characters. The show is called Chrissy X for nothing so therefore, that would make her the main protagonist of the series?

You're the show's tsundere!

Heather Darkmatter: The heck did you just called me, dork?

A tsundere is someone who is initially cold and sometimes even hostile before showing a warmer, friendlier side over time.

Heather Darkmatter:I don't know what you are talking about you baka! I mean Moron!

Drake Cox:What about me?

Oh, that's easy. You're the show's butt monkey.

Drake Cox:Butt monkey? What the heck does that even mean?

Heather Darkmatter:It means you're the universe's punching bag you earth dweep!

Drake Cox:WHAT?!

Well it's true.

Is that the theme of this cartoon? When in doubt, Blame everything on Chrissy!

Uh yeah!

Chrissy, what's the name of this show?

Chrissy X!

Therefore we must blame you for everything.

Heather Darkmatter: And we love it.

And we'll continue to do it until the day you die!

Drake Cox:But you guys blame everything on her when you guys do things bad too!


Oh no.


She's doing the puppy eyes routine.

Drake Cox:Guys, I think the fourth wall is broken. I'll just walk.

Heather Darkmatter:What do you mean, I never hated you. I just don't like everything about you.


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