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Opening Credits


A Shires Animation Studios

In Association With
Melvin Studios
Atomic Cartoons

Matthew Mouse Productions

Jeffrey Agala
Ridd Sorensen

Chris and Dhris

Closing Credits

Directed by

Jeffrey Agala
Ridd Sorensen

Produced by

David W. Armstrong Mark Swift
Robert Wallace Pete Williamson
Brian Cosgrove

Executive Producers:

John Tarakovsky Chris Wallace
Simon Hall Peter Michaelson

Associate Producer:

Chris Michaelson

Teleplay by

James Herbert

Supervising Producer:

Richard Kenny

Original Score Composed and Conducted by

Robert J. Walsh

Written by

Jono Howard Mike Kubat
Bruce Thompson James Herbert
Peter Michaelson

Production Design:

Maurice Nelson

Art Direction by

Doug Scheib

Casting by

Michael Wallace


Patrick Pinney

Jim Cummings

Kelsey Grammer

Maggie Roswell

Frank Welker

George Clooney

Jaleel White

Bill Murray

Mandy Moore

Dwayne Hill

Robert Tinkler

Jonathan Wilson

Kath Soucie

Tara Strong

Catherine Disher

Matt Hill

Wallace Shawn

Michael Bell

Peter Capaldi


Story Supervisor: George Get
Story Manager: James Rogers
Storyboard Artists: Kurt Anderson
Hank Tucker
Frank Paur
Glen Lovett
Rob Boutilier
Stan Gadziola
Nathan Stanton
Rob Gibbs
Jeff Pidgeon
Justin Wright
Ted Mathot
Peter Sohn

Animation Produced by


Atomic Cartoons

Overseas Animation by

2 Minutes

Line Producer: Ryan Budweiser
Co-Producer: Rob Davies
Creative Producer: Richard Celador

Assistant Animation Produced by

Cosgrove Hall Fitzpatrick 2011- Logo

Cosgrove Hall Fitzpatrick

Film Editor: Roy Tanner
Animation Directors: George Kenny
Glen Keane
Mark Henn
Allison Neil
Flash Animation Supervisors: Ishi Rudell
David Brain
Animation Supervisor: Graeme MacDonald
Creative Director: James Benny
Layout Supervisor: Ed Benninger
Background Supervisor: Richard Grandmain
Painting Supervisor: Warren Johnson
Character Supervisor: Sean Moore
Animation Timers: Brian Hogan
Mary Tanner
Ben Thomas


Layout Artists: Ralph Bruckheimer
Rob Walker
Clint Taylor
Ron Graham


Background Artists: Maggie Turner
Diane Turner
Diane Wilson
Sarah Rogers

Animation Canada:

Kenneth Chu Pascal Herbreteau
Nicole Standard Bong Macarayan
Nathan Litz Benoit Barnabé
Gary Ferguson Nicolas Ferrere
Quentin Francotte Dominique Gantois
Mike Gauss

Animation France:

Benoit Barnabé Michaël Batailie
Nicolas Biard Catherine Blanc
Alexandre Boudon Catherine Braulit
Nancy Casalese Guillaume Casset
Stéphane Cronier Chloe Cruchaudet
Laurent Dall'Agnoll

Animation British:

Brian Cosgrove Clinton J. Priest
Ben Turner Ed Williams
Keith Scoble Chris Randall

Production Staff:

Director of Production: David J. Crobbett
Executive in Charge of Production: Jim Organisation
Post Production Supervisor: Mike Stern
Post Production Manager: Bob Strew
Production Supervisor: Ken Phillipson
Production Manager: Tom Musker
Production Co-ordinator: Bernard Edwards
Production Assistant: Andrea Baker
Dialogue Editor: Patrick Barrett
Supervising Editor: Robert T. Gills
Assistant Editor: Roy Hill
Animation Editor: Nigel Rutter
Builder: Jesse Wilson
Graphic Designer: Trevor Bentley
Sound Re-Recording Mixer: Brad Thornton
Foley Artist: Kevin Bond
Sound Editor: Sid Lieberman
Sound Supervisor: Scott McCrorice
Character Design: Paul Watling
Finance Manager: Isabelle Andres
Technical Director: Jerome Fromeaux
Production Accountant: Ludovic Eyrolle

Post Sound Facility:

Richard Segal Sound Design, Inc.

Voice Recording:

POP Sound
Voicebox Productions Inc.
Studio 360
Howard Schwartz Recording


Orchestration: Michael Young
Music Editor: Emery Kennethson
Executive Music Producer: Chris Mountain
Music Supervisor: Henry Jackman
Music Co-ordinator: Hans Zimmer
Music Recording: ScreenMusic International
Voice Directors: Terry Klassem
Andrea Romano
Mixer Supervisor: Thomas Claster
Music Created by Robert Crissman
Sound Effects by Wellington Productions, Inc.

Special Effects:

Roy Huckerby


Lead Compositors Graham Sharples
Frank Hardie
Digital Compositors Peter Kidd
Howard E. Baker
Scanner Operators Lou Dockstader
Pablo Plaisted

Digital and 3D and CGI Services:

Shires Animation Studios - Digital Camera Operators: David Booth
Roger Collins
High Definition Television Design: Alex Scott
Treehouse Design: Alex Jones
Sound Services: 424
Effects Artists: David Batte
Chris King
Production Office Manager: Paul Baker

Special Effects Animation:

Toon Boom Animation
Yowza Animation
Rough Draft Studios

Production Services:

Studio 8 Sound
Michael Shires Studios
Shires Animation Studios
Pentagon Studios

Live-Action Backgrounds:

Google Images

Gerbil Design:

Gerbil Laboratory, Inc.


Chris Patrick Pinney
Oscar the Ugly Rabbit
Silly the Chef
Dr. Pepsi
Pippin the Bug King
Jim Cummings
Jonathan Mouse
Cat J. Raoul
Kelsey Grammer
Mandy Mouse Maggie Roswell
Skipper Fly
Giant Lizard
Ringo the Rat
Douglas Duck
Frank Welker
Censored the Wolf George Clooney
Short Idiot the Seal Jaleel White
Corporation the Bear Bill Murray
Elsa the Owl Mandy Moore
Mark the Cat
Wall the Lizard
Arthur the Cat
News Announcer
Old Man
Man yell at rest that cat
Tip the Mouse
Dwayne Hill
Mort the Mole Robert Tinkler
Shout the Rat Jonathan Wilson
Mrs. Brisby Kath Soucie
Fievel Mousekewitz Tara Strong
Old Lady
Woman at the Window
Aunt Messy
News Reporter
Girl Scout
Catherine Disher
Jose Carioca Matt Hill
Allen Kennethson Peter Capaldi
Sergeant Spaghetti Wallace Shawn
Officer Kenny James Rankin
Officer Murdoch
James Kee
Mandy's Mother Imelda Staunton
Mandy's Father Liam Neeson
Young Mandy Hayley Faith Negrin
Miss Blythe Miranda Richardson
Miss Hissy Miriam Margolyes
Gargoyles the Idiot Man Adrian Truss

Additional Voices:

Janyse Jaud Neil Crone
Kathleen Barr Cal Dodd
Tabitha St. Germain Scott McCord
Brian Drummond Kristina Nicoll
Erin Fitzgerald Julie Lemieux
Jenne Forgie Sam Vincent

Color Timers:

Terry Claborn
Jim Passon

Negative Cutting by:

Michael Shires Studios Negative Cutting

Production Staff for Shires Animation Studios

Shires Animation Studios 2011- Logo

Shires Animation Studios

John Warburton Robert Claster Robert Wilson Keith Tucker
Ken Armstrong Sarah W. Armstrong Martin Ansolabehere Cliff Reeves
David Smith Robert Taylor Paul Rubbish Sarah Rogers

Shires Animation Studios Sudio Team

Shires Animation Studios 2011- Logo

Shires Animation Studios

Visual Development

Virgil Geopper Eric Dodgers
George Get Carols Alfonso
James Rogers Dan Whitworth
Jack Deakin Jean Flynn
James Thomas Andy Roper
Eric Johnson Ryan Budweiser


Tom Carlisle Craig Payne
Cherise Miller Brian Torres
John Bennett Keith Johnson
Kent Barnes Michael Hitson
Paul Gillis Peter Schreiber

Special Thanks

Mary Beech Simon Bax Lois Scali
Año Nuevo State Reserve, California State Parks California Waste Solutions
Shires Cruise Line San Mateo County Sheriff's Office Bomb Squad
Nummi Plant Mobility & Robotic Systems, Jet Propulsion Laboratory

Production Babies

Alexander & William Amelie Asher Atlee Ava
Avery Berge Cohen Colin Cora
Dillan Dylan Ella Ellen Emma-Brie
Emma Jane Emma June Esha Evija Flora
Friederich Giorgia Hailey Harper & Griffin Jack
Jackson & Parker Jenna Jonathan Katie Kayla
Kaylee Keilani Leila Liam Logan
Luca Lucie Maeve Maya Nasreen
Noah Parisa Peter Phoenix Reina
Sadie Sequoia Tais Tessa Tobian & Ellarudy
Tomas Victoria Violet Violet Grace Vivien
Vouk Zumi

Music Recorded and Mixed at

Sony Pictures Scoring Stage
Newman Scoring Stage-Twentieth Century Fox Studios
The Village
Paramount Pictures Scoring Stage M

Visual Effects by

Industrial Light & Magic
A Lucasfilm LTD. Company


"Chris and Dhris Rescue Rangers Theme"

Music and Lyrics by Mark Mueller
Performed by The Jets

"Something So Right"

Music and Lyrics by Bret McKenzie
Performed by Mandy Mouse and The Shires Characters

"Together Again"

Music by Jeff Moss
Lyrics by Ralph Burns
Performed by The Shires Characters


Music, Lyrics and Performed by N.E.R.D

"Danger Zone"

Music by Giorgio Moroder, Tom Whitlock
Lyrics by Tom Whitlock
Performed by Giorgio Moroder


Trademarks of and Used with the Permission of ("Ed, Edd 'n' Eddy" and all related characters and elements) by Cartoon Network.
"Atomic Betty" and All Related Characters and Elements are Trademarks of and Copyright of Teletoon.

Score Mixed at

Trevor Morris Studios

Main Title by:

PIC Agency

End Title by

The Picture Mill
Fugitive Studios

Dolby Constulant:

Ray Gillion

MPAA Constulant:

Ray Gilbert

Iatse Constultant:

Ray Gannon

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