Chris and Dhris Rescue Rangers it's animated series produced by Michael Shires Television Animation, Melvin Productions Ltd., Matthew Mouse Productions. Created by David W. Armstrong, if featured the established Shires characters, Chris and Dhris in a new setting. The series premiere on CBS on January 13, 1990.


Chris and Dhris Rescue Rangers:

Darkwing Fly:

Atomic Mandy:


Production Notes:

  • The animation produced by Melvin Productions Ltd, Matthew Mouse Productions and overseas animation by AKOM Productions Co, Dai Won Animation Co., Ltd., Tokyo Movie Shinsha.

Original Run:

  • January 13, 1990-April 7, 1992

Production Company:

  • Melvin Productions Ltd.
  • Matthew Mouse Productions
  • Michael Shires Television Animation


  • Oliver Television Incorporated

Theme Song:

  • Chris and Dhris: Rescue Rangers Season 1-3 Opening and Closing Theme (Mark Mueller)

Feature Film

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