64px I'm fourteen and I know how to play sports.
~ Chris tells about himself

Chris Smith is the son of Dave and Cass and the middle sibling of the Smith family from the FamilyChoice original series, A Not-So-Ordinary Family.




  • "Joshua is jealous because the new girl was still here from school? How come a boy in your class can be jealous when there is a new student was around and you still LIKE the student ALOT?" -Chris talking to Courtney about her classmate being jealous in the episode, "Jealous, Much?".
  • "It's time to hypnotize my dad so he will do my bidding!" -Chris when he's ready to hypnotize his dad in "Doggy Dad".
  • "What's worse than armpit farting?" -Chris to Kyle in "New Neighbors".
  • "No offence but my mom hates Elizabeth." -Chris about Cass hating on Elizabeth in "Revenge of the Neighbors".
  • "Soccer team! Soccer team! Screw my life! I'm good at sports!" -Chris chanting the words in the episode, "Soccer Practice".
  • "Amy, remember that water you drank? My friends accidental pour laxative in it!" -Chris warn Amy that her drink is laxative in the episode, "Truth or Whateves".
  • "What?! Alex's moving back here? Yes! He's a great guy" -Chris being excited after Spencer told him that Alex's coming home in the episode , "The Epic Trio"


  • His favorite band was Sum 41.
  • His favorite singer was Ozzy Osbourne.
  • His favorite show was Regular Show.
  • His favorite movie was The Lego Movie.
  • In Episode 6, it was revealed that he listens to Black Sabbath.
  • In Episode 11, his Halloween costume was a rapper.
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